Dr. Sciarrino's Gift To Ridgefield

Elevating health and beauty at the Gift Med Spa

When you enter The Gift Med Spa located in the heart of Ridgefield’s historic Main Street
you are instantly struck by the well designed lobby featuring bright blue walls and a smart,
modern aesthetic. This striking entrance parallels the facility’s promise — to provide the
highest quality aesthetics and wellness treatments using leading-edge technology and
medical expertise, all under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Sciarrino.
Dr. Sciarrino, a Maxillofacial Surgeon has been doing facial reconstruction for over 30
years. He initially went to dental school as a self prescribed prerequisite to surgical training,
as he was advised that ‘you can not rebuild a face without the understanding of functionality
of moving parts.’ He then became a surgeon. In 2021 he brought his extensive
experience and pedigree to Ridgefield and opened the Gift Med Spa.
A passionate professional whose mission it is to “change the aging paradigm and help
people live their best life’ he offers a host of aesthetic and wellness offerings including luxe
skincare procedures, injectables, body contouring, and IV Nutrient Therapy, among others.
It’s important to remember that your skin is the largest organ of your body. “Your skin is your protector, your barrier to the outside world,” Dr. Sciarrino reiterates. He explains you can see
many diseases simply by looking at the quality, tone, texture and discoloration of the skin, noting it is “vitally important” to keep yourself and your skin healthy.
“While working to erase the appearance of aging, we can actually empower an individual’s health span,” Dr. Sciarrino said of the health of the skin and body. “Because I am a facial
surgeon, there is a natural exactness to what I do, even in the simplest of things.”
Using a combination of IV Therapy, acupuncture, and HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), his team also treats a wide arrayof neurological deficits, metabolic diseases, and dysfunctional mitochondria, which Dr. Sciarrino claims are the “disease of
all chronic diseases.” He points out that most of the chronic diseases today did not exist in prior generations.’ “Life expectancy is actually dropping in the United States,” Dr. Sciarrino
declares. “I call that frightening, and we must fight independently,
yet together.”
Dr. Sciarrino’s Gift Med Spa is a place to experience custom, high end facials and treatments that he offers with the support of his vibrant team of professionals to help people
look and feel their best. Attend one of his monthly seminars to learn about aging and why his clients return for top tier treatments over and over

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