Dramatic Redesign

Infiniti's QX50 Has a Few Tricks Under Its New Design

The Infiniti QX50, available now at Bob Moore Auto Group, was completely redesigned for 2019, and it’s the most dramatic redesign Infiniti’s ever produced.

"When it was introduced last year, I remember Infiniti’s marketing director saying repeatedly it was the most important vehicle Infiniti had ever brought to market," says General Manager Corey Suter. "That’s a pretty bold statement. But he knew the QX50 had a couple of very important tricks up its sleeve—or better yet under the hood and inside the cabin—to back that statement up."

The engine is the first of its kind ever produced. Infiniti had been secretly working on the Variable Compression Turbo for 20 years, and what makes it unique is that it can vary performance and fuel consumption based on how you’re driving it. It has the power of a V6 when you really get on, it but sips fuel like a hybrid when you’re not.

"If you talk to auto buffs, mechanics or engineers, you’d think it’s the eighth wonder of the world. What everyday drivers will notice is how incredibly responsive and sporty it is when you want it to be and how comfortable and fuel-efficient it is the rest of the time," Corey says. "It’s almost like the QX50 has a split personality… in a good way!"

The vehicle is also known for upscale and modern the interiors with high-quality materials and bold design elements. With all of the fanfare surrounding the engine and interior, one of the most important attributes that almost gets forgotten is safety.

"The QX50 earned the highest safety rating of 5 stars for overall safety from the NHTSA. Infiniti debuted its most advanced suite of driver assistance features, the Pro Pilot Assist, on the new QX50," Corey says. "When activated, the QX will practically drive itself, although Infiniti will tell you that’s not exactly what it’s made for."

Though the new QX50s have been out for more than a year, consumers are just now realizing how extraordinary the redesigned version is.

"It’s fun to have the latest and greatest crossover in a time when a lot of people are gravitating to vehicles in that segment," Corey says. 

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