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First class service and no gimmicks sets this company apart from the pack.

As vice president of US Design Source with over 30 years at the company, Mike Hill knows that knowledge and experience go a long way toward making a business successful. He also believes strongly that it’s important for potential clients to know who they’re working with when they’re ready to begin their dream project.

“Our family-owned business has been in the Orlando flooring and building industry for more than 50 years. My wife’s father was a general contractor and built close to 300 homes in College Park,” Mike reminiscences. “We formed US Design Source in 1992 and became a boutique dealer that prides itself on excellent service.”

Today, the company’s record speaks for itself. “We have one crew that’s second generation on both sides — their father worked for our father. We’ve done millions of square feet of flooring.” And with enough experience, they’ve come to know what the potential pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

“Any number of things can go wrong, even years later, if a project isn’t done the right way. Experience is everything,” Mike explains. “When you’re installing carpet, tile or wood, the essence is the floor prep. For example, not every company or installer understands they don’t have to tear out the ceramic tile before putting down luxury vinyl tile. They don’t read the installation instructions.” A simple step like this can make a difference in the cost of a project.

The company’s 10,000-square-foot Design Center offers customers a vast selection of design options. “At USDS we carry wood, carpet, luxury vinyl, tile, stone, custom area rugs and just about everything else homeowners and businesses can use as a floor covering,” he explains. “We bring these products to them with our commitment to quality and service. And we help them choose what they’re looking for instead of selling them something.”

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