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Frazier Homes Builds Amazing Custom Homes + Lifelong Relationships with Clients

Custom home builder Frazier Homes is making dreams come true throughout the Tri-State area. Their dedicated team of professionals has been delivering beautifully designed, quality-built custom homes to clients since 2011. 

“What excites me about building is being a part of someone’s life story and helping them build their dream,” shares Owner and President Andre Frazier. “We are not just building a structure, we are building the place where they are going to laugh and cry, have holiday gatherings and make lifelong memories. We get to be a part of a family’s dreams and vision.”

Andre is a proud Cincinnati native who was a captain of the Cincinnati Bearcat football team while earning his degree in finance at the University of Cincinnati. After graduation, he played six years for the Pittsburgh Steelers, winning two Super Bowl rings. He credits his family for much of his success and his motivation for being in the home-building business.

“My upbringing influenced my decision to become a home builder. Both my mother and father were involved in real estate and building homes and I was always a part of that growing up. I would even help with some of the construction work. It gave me a great work ethic at an early age.”

Hardworking, integrity, availability, respect, high standards, and fine craftsmanship—all describe the ‘Frazier Difference.’ Andre explains, “We are different from other builders because we strive to build lifelong relationships with our clients. We work hard to have a close-knit bond of respect and understanding throughout the build process and beyond. Too many builders just build quickly and leave.”

Current Frazier clients Jay and Kristine Oney echo these sentiments, "Our experience with Andre has been very positive. He is always available and has a remarkable quiet confidence, engaging us through every step of the process. He is fair and transparent. Andre has an informed opinion to guide you but listens carefully to what you want. He builds your home as if it were his own.”

Frazier Homes is building the Oney's home in a former Homearama neighborhood in Lebanon, Ohio. They were required to choose a builder from a list of approved Homearama builders. Before they chose Andre from the list, they spoke with neighbors and others who had built homes. When researching, they discovered Frazier Homes had won numerous awards at Homearama including the first-place People's Choice Award for Overall Favorite Home. After meeting with Andre and experiencing what they call "immediate chemistry," they chose Frazier Homes to build their family's dream home.

The Oney home will include a custom-tailored home office for Jay’s consulting business. After spending 27 years at Procter & Gamble as a mechanical engineer, patent attorney and sourcing buyer, he started his own consulting firm five years ago that helps companies of all sizes grow and find cost savings in supply chains, shipping and IT. Some of the features of his uniquely-designed home office include interior brick walls, a standing desk and specialty built-in cabinets.

Building a custom home requires many months of detailed decision-making, monitoring progress at the job site and overcoming challenges such as the current economic climate. Andre relates, “We face challenges every day. You have to roll with the punches. We work with all our partners to help the client through any issues. With honesty and transparency, we explain everything thoroughly and provide options.” 

Jay agrees, “When lumber prices were skyrocketing, Andre was willing to wait and monitor the situation and involve me in the process. He truly cares and made decisions throughout the process that would benefit us regardless of the cost to him.”

The close builder–client relationship extended to Jay introducing Andre to software called SketchUp. The 3D modeling technology helped Jay and Kristine better visualize 2D architectural drawings using a full-motion virtual experience. During the materials selection process, the 3D animations were updated so they could see how everything might come together. Frazier Homes is considering using the technology with future clients.

Frazier Homes is committed to providing an exceptional experience for every client. “Building a custom home is a process like no other,” Andre reflects. “A custom home is completely tailored and custom fit to your family. It is an empowering experience. With each client, we build a lifelong relationship and provide a quality-built home that is just what they have dreamed about.”

For the Oney family, their dream home is almost finished. Jay sums it up, “Our experience has been fantastic with Andre. We would absolutely recommend Andre and his company.”

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  • Jay Oney with Builder Andre Frazier