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CoJo Interiors

Designer Courtney Joines loves a good conversation. She believes in asking pointed questions and is a discerning listener. As an interior designer, these skills are as important to her success as her creativity and style aplomb. 

“I meet with clients in their homes before starting projects to review their needs, wants, and budget. I ask a lot of questions, but the most important is how they see themselves using the space,” says Courtney. "Every job is different, but the end goal is always the same: to create spaces my clients love and that meet their needs for years to come.”

When her client purchased a new construction in 2019, they spent the next few years creating beautiful, but functional spaces. The family was drawn to soft blues, greens and grays that carried throughout. They wanted a serene, cozy home without feeling stark or stuffy. And of course, everything had to hold up to young children and pets.

The first project on the priority list was the office. They selected timeless pieces like the antique French cabinet and vintage horse prints. “We added two Ellenburg Chair Company Su chairs with petite frames that fit the room entrance beautifully. We also created a completely custom desk chair from Ellenburg in a cozy crypton fabric,” she says.  A custom area rug with a subtle geometric pattern was selected for the office to help expand the eye in both directions. The same rug design was used in the dining room to give a cohesive feel as visitors entered the home. 

The dining room was constantly evolving as the items they sourced were largely vintage pieces collected over time. The vintage cane back chairs were a fabulous Facebook marketplace find that Courtney painted and reupholstered in a new Schumacher fabric. “We also added an estate sale wall shelf to showcase the clients’ large collection of milk glass. The head chairs in this dining area were Ellenburg Queen chairs. These really gave weight to the lengthy narrow table and helped anchor the large space,” she says.

Originally the family room had two sofas that, although they were 100” long, didn’t have adequate seating space. Courtney opted for two new Ellenburg Chair Co Paces sofas here. The new sofas were also 100” long, but have a greater seat depth of 40” making them incredibly comfortable and the ideal choice for movie watching as a family. “The unique details of the Paces, like the buttons and skirting, make them sophisticated and even a little dressy without being too formal. Again, the perfect balance of beauty and function,” she says.

The team at CoJo Interiors leans toward classic, timeless pieces and relies less on trends for the larger elements in a room. They like to incorporate pieces that owners currently have and reuse them in new ways, as well as add new light fixtures, lamps, pillows and accessories. This instantly updates a room and bridges the gap between old and new. 

“Working on this home was so much fun because it was not just one room, one piece or one design. It was curated, collected and layered over time. Each room beautifully balances classic family pieces with new elements, making this home a true representation of its owners. Again, back to my mantra as their designer…. create spaces the clients love. Not just what’s on trend, not just what’s being sold in stores, but rooms and homes that my clients will love walking into each day.”

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Upholstery: The Ellenburg Chair Co

Furniture/lighting sources include but not limited to:

Atlanta Acquisitions, Kudzu and Co., Gabby Home, Visual Comfort

Rugs: Glover and Flack flooring

Drapery: Best Dressed Interiors