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Dripping in Petals

"I want people to experience where their flowers come from."

Dripping in Petals, a sustainable small-cut flower farm in Dripping Springs, offers bouquets and subscription delivery services in Travis and Hays counties. Started in 2019, the all-organic farm run by Jaiden Aeilts, who is a graduate of the 2020 workshop by Magnolia network star Floret Flowers, produces locally grown plants free from flower food, sprays, and pesticides. “I want people to experience where their flowers come from and to understand the farmer’s relationship with the community. The flowers are grown sustainably and with love, not in a factory,” Jaiden said.

The one-woman boutique farm has two growing seasons and despite the trial-and-error nature of soil health and figuring out what grows well in this region and when, her subscription delivery services have grown from 8 clients in 2020 to 25 clients in 2022. Delivery is currently available to Dripping, Driftwood, South Austin, Wimberly, and San Marcos.

She offers this advice for local gardeners: Don’t give up in the summer! Stick to routine watering and garden when it’s cool out. Jaiden’s preferred flowers for the Hill Country include zinnias, which bloom all summer long, and basil, one of her favorite greeneries to add to bouquets. She also recommends marigolds as they make a vibrant, full bouquet that is sure to impress.

Bouquets can be bought online and at Abby Jane Bakeshop and Summer Revival Wine Co. The subscription delivery service is available for purchase on her website and would make a thoughtful gift this Valentine’s Day for loved ones to enjoy throughout the year.

To learn more about the farm, spring workshops, and flower-picking events, follow @drippinginpetals on Instagram and subscribe for newsletter updates at