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photo taken at Daniels Park

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Driver's Notebook - Local Car Guy

Classic, Yes. Outdated? No Way!

Do you have a car guy in your life? I do. Anyone who knows a car enthusiast knows about their obsession with continually upgrading their collection. Aided by the rocketing classic car market, and fueled by pandemic boredom, free time and nostalgia, the bumper increase in value for these cars surprised even the most seasoned niche car owners. For many automotive aficionados, owning a Porsche represents the intersection of luxury meets function meets form.

According to the NY Times article by Yeager, “Rather than back away from classic automobiles because of the pandemic, buyers flocked to them, sometimes in stunning numbers. Online auto sales and auctions… claimed new records.”

Take a look at one local car enthusiast’s recent addition.

1977 Porsche 911S

When the owner discovered this car was on the market in 2021, he made an immediate offer and caught the next flight to L.A. to buy it, recognizing this model is exceedingly rare.

Shortly after this car was manufactured, the United States added new emissions requirements. The modified exhaust required to accommodate these regulations caused the original motor to overheat and eventually fail. Many owners decided the cost to rebuild an engine wasn’t worth it, and many were neglected. As a result, there are not many of this year’s make and model on the road, making them desirable to collectors today. 

This car sold in 1977 for about $20,000. The value dipped into the $8,000 range in the late ‘80s, but is now worth somewhere approaching $70,000 given its pristine, original condition, no rust and low miles.


  1. Original paint New Metallic Green, last of the ‘jelly belly’ colors

  2. Original Cork leather interior

  3. Rebuilt, air-cooled flat-six engine 165 HP/176 lb-ft of torque

  4. Rear wheel drive, manual 5-gear transmission

  5. Narrow G-body teardrop — original Ferdinand Porsche design

  6. Never wrecked, always licensed and driven, low miles


Did you know:

  1. Like aircraft, lawn mowers and motorcycles, Porsche’s engines until 1989 were air-cooled, allowing the vehicles to be light in weight, leading to greater efficiency & motor longevity. They are now water-cooled.

  2. The motor’s nickname is the Boxer. The flat design eliminates almost all of the vibration of other motors. The pistons move horizontally, one at a time, corresponding with the opposite side. 

  3. Porsche 911s are sometimes called "widow makers." Since the engine is behind the rear axle, all of the weight is in the back of the car, creating the “pendulum effect’. This requires the driver to accelerate through turns, which is the opposite of most driver’s instincts.

  • photo taken at Daniels Park