Driving Dreams

Exotic Cars are within Reach at Exotic Motorsports in Edmond

Walk into Exotic Motorsports of Edmond, 220 S. Kelly Ave., and you've walked into the vehicle showroom of your dreams.

A black with white racing stripe 427 Ford Cobra shines next to a sunshine yellow Ferrari and a bright and bold red Porsche. From vintage exotic trucks and cars to sleek Lamborghinis, Exotic Motorsports of Edmond is giving what Oklahoma—and the rest of the nation—needed: a place to buy, sell and service some of the finest vehicles ever made.

When Eliud Villarreal's brother first approached him about opening an exotic vehicle showroom, Eliud jumped on it. 

"No one was doing this in Oklahoma," he says. "Both my brother and I are exotic car enthusiasts, and I had been in the car business for nine years, so I said, 'Sure.' We were at Michael Murphy's at a New Year's Eve party. He started looking for a location, and I knew he was serious."

As a part of the exotic car community in Oklahoma City for four years (Eliud owned a Lamborghini), the idea of offering Oklahomans and others a selection of hard-to-find vehicles was exciting. In July, he and his business partner, Braiden Bond, opened Exotic Motorsports on Kelly.

The business took off. Within five months, they had sold close to 60 pre-owned exotic vehicles, averaging 10 to 12 a month. Although pre-owned, the cars all come to the store looking as if they are brand-new.

"We have anything from old classic cars to new or exotic cars. A lot of these cars are on consignment, and we are very aggressive on our consignment rates. Typically when you consign a car or take a car to auction, they charge about 10 percent. Well, since we have low overhead, we charge 7 percent, and that means it's more money for the owner," Eliud says. "We market the car for them on various websites just as if they were our cars."

Besides selling and finding dream cars for clients—as well as servicing and repairing on-site—Exotic Motorsports is mostly about making a car enthusiast's dream come true.

"A lot of these cars a lot more affordable than what you think," Eliud says. "You ask yourself, 'Is a $100,000 Lamborghini affordable?' You can ask the same question if a $100,000 Cadillac Escalade is affordable, because if you go to any new Cadillac store, new Escaldades cost $90,000. So yeah, we fulfill dreams, and we help people find ways to purchase the vehicles. We also locate vehicles for customers."

The typical customer for an exotic car goes beyond definition, Braiden says. 

"I've been around enough to know that you don't underestimate someone that looks like they just got out from working on a car. They could have the finances and the means to purchase this. Our customers have a wide variety of appearances and cultures and age groups. I mean it's, it's all over," Braiden says. "There's no demographic. You expect the guy with the Lamborghini to have his three-piece suit, but that's not really the case."

Exotic Motorsports also offers financing with banks that offer low rates.

"Most of the exotic owners around Oklahoma City are people between the ages of 25 and 40," Eliud says. "It's not your stereotypical gentleman that's been working his whole life and retired. We have a lot of young entrepreneurs around here who just work hard and reward themselves."

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