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Driving Passions

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Art, Food & Wine and their exciting connectivity

Marlissa Gardner

Emillions Art

Food is enjoyed as much by the eye as it is the palate. A magical experience in eating is the result of the creative flavors and artistic vision of the chef who is  the creator, designer and content builder of the plate of food.

The palette of an artist's creation is as important as the chef’s.

Or, as the vintner's choice of land, grape, blend, name and label.  Artists such as Jackson Pollock, Picasso (who created an original wine label for Chateau Mouton Rothchild 1973) and Dario Campanile (pictured) all have one thing in common - they are mindful of their content, palette, and message. Some like Dario will pull from their past, and show the evolution with glimpses of the future in their artworks.  This is a rare and sought-after type of work due to the ability to keep the balance of all three perspectives.  One does not want to reflect too hard on the past, yet wishes to recognize and learn from it…much like vintners and chefs.  They all want to be current and as true artists, show something different and unique in their interpretation of what they are presenting.

Driving Change

Ann Margaret Ross

Mercedes Benz of Naples 

 I have been in the luxury car industry for more than 23 years in Naples and have witnessed the car business change drastically over the years. When I first started with BMW there were no laptops and all data collection and retention was done by hand and numbers were also composed on worksheets. There were also no websites or resources available to assist consumers with their purchases.

Then came the internet with information-gathering tools for the dealerships and also information for the consumers about performance, reliability and pricing. Invaluable! I have spent the majority of my career with the Mercedes Benz brand.  In the past consumers, could walk on a car lot and pick the vehicle of their choice, Unfortunately, most dealerships have fewer models for immediate purchase now because of the semiconductor shortage. Vehicles are now custom-built exclusively for luxury clients with specific color combinations and options. With today’s rising gas prices, consumers are looking to maximize fuel efficiency, and car makers are designing options with smaller engines and fuel-saving tools such as ECO start-stop feature which will turn off the vehicle when stopped. Also, EV or Electric vehicles are going to triple by 2025 as consumers are looking for longer ranges and the fastest charging times. Technology and self-driving safety are also at the top of mind in the luxury market. As always, luxury and comfort have been a priority for today’s consumers. It’s my pleasure to find what is best for the client and their lifestyle.

Mercedes Benz of Naples