Business Profile: Rene Stern, Salt Chamber, LLC

Salt Therapy is like having a toothbrush for the lungs-to breath easier and have more energy to enjoy your life!

Article by Marti Schnurr with Rene Stern

Photography by Photos provided by Rene Stern

Originally published in Boca Style Lifestyle

With our world pandemic being front and center with respiratory hygiene, Dry Salt Therapy (aka halotherapy) is the 100% natural alternative for clearing the lungs from toxins, allergens and pollutants we inhale every single day! It helps provide relief with COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, allergies, sinuses plus skin conditions (ie: acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and more).  It’s basically a “toothbrush for the lungs” and a natural detox for overall body wellness as you relax in a salt room/salt booth and breathe in the natural properties of pure sodium chloride, pharmaceutical grade salt 99.999%. The anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and super absorbent benefits work to expel these toxins from the body through the natural body drainage system. 

1. How did the business get started?
In 2012,  SALT Chamber, CEO Leo Tonkin, was first to start a full service salt therapy company in North America with the introduction of the very first SALT Booth®, SALT Bed®, SALT FX® halogenerator and proprietary methods for designing and installing Himalayan salt décor.  Our initial focus was with the general spa/wellness industry and start-up entrepreneurs opening salt therapy facilities, many of which included other modalities.  We have worked on over 1,000+ customer projects including some of the most respected and successful resort and destination spas, day spas, wellness facilities, med spas, health and fitness clubs, country clubs, yoga and massage facilities, and professional health care professionals.

2. What is the business focused on right now?
Our innovative designs are percolating new Salt Wellness Lounge concepts, equine salt therapy concepts, and focusing on customizing the client's vision and salt decor mediums, enhancing their hospitality services in creating the customer experience of total relaxation and pampering with the accent on self-healthcare.

3. What is Salt Chambers approach/philosophy?
Our approach is educational, backed by research, to create a plan that works within the vision and budget to create a WOW relaxation and proper halotherapy experience. Ensuring the understanding of how salt therapy works, installation, use and maintenance of equipment using pharmaceutical grade salt.  

4. What is Rene Stern most proud of?
As a Community Advocate, raising awareness to improve the lives of others is paramount. I build platforms for all voices to be heard: professionals, charities, singular noble causes, energetic and spiritual healers, salt therapy, etc. for helping to heal humanity toward a heart-centered world.

Creating the Holistic Chamber of Commerce for Boca Raton
First Nominated as Woman Volunteer of the Year by the Cystic Fibrosis foundation of South Florida

A leading advocate for holistic wellness, René Stern, Founder & President Emeritus of Boca Raton Chapter of Holistic Chamber of Commerce and V.P. of Sales & Business Development at Salt Chamber. A native Floridian, she's been intrinsically motivated to passionately volunteer her entire life to impact humanity. As a Master Networker, she has an unparalleled capacity for relationship-building with uncanny instincts for bringing businesses together. René is a multimillion-dollar consultative sales professional and holds a BS in Social Psychology and Industrial Relations from University of Florida. Currently, she is an Advisory Board Member for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of South Florida and Wine Opener Annual Event Chair. Rene’ was the first to be nominated by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as Woman Volunteer of the Year in 2018. Through her philanthropic leadership over the past 32 years, René has helped raise over $1.8 million and recently published as a contributing author in the Inspired Wisdom Word Search Book: Yoga for the Brain, published by Post Hill Press for “Givers Receive the Most”. This direct impact makes all the difference in her purpose for striving to heal humanity.

Raising awareness for Dry Salt Therapy has been a passion because it has helped provide relief through inhalation of pure sodium chloride (pharmaceutical grade salt) very micron size particles that reach the deepest layer of the lungs and penetrate the epidermis for respiratory, skin and overall body wellness! 

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