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You Stand Out From the Crowd; Your Burger Should, Too

Burger Bach’s New Zealand inspired gastro pub creates a modern, casual, high-energy environment for gathering with family and friends. It celebrates the idea of a “Bach” (pronounced “batch”), a NZ term for a holiday home, complete with great food! Their award-winning menu emphasizes better preparation and high-quality ingredients. So gather the guys and head over to this Bach for a taste of NZ right here at home.

1.     Oysters on the Half Shell

New Zealanders are seafood enthusiasts! Start your night off right with a selection of fresh local and mid-Atlantic oysters, Prince Edward Island steamed mussels, or wild caught Argentinian Royal red shrimp.

2.     Award-Winning Burgers

Whether it’s beef, lamb, chicken, tuna, or black bean you’re craving, there’s a burger to fit every preference and dietary need, including gluten free. Every pure, unprocessed burger at Burger Bach is carefully crafted so that it’s not only better for you, but tastes better too.

3.     Fries and Dipping Sauces

Burger Bach takes its sauce game to a whole new level by offering sixteen different house made dipping sauces to pair with your fresh-cut fries! Kids and adults alike delight in trying their huge variety of delicious options.  

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