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Back By Popular Demand, Dude Food Hosted By Andy Hopkins

“Hey, Hop! Would you like to try out some food trucks for a Dude Food article?”  When the ladies of Celina Lifestyle asked me to be a part of the Gentleman's Issue, I was happy take on the task. 

Many weekdays and most weekends there are several food trucks out in Celina. From Tacos to BBQ, there are various unique options. It was a treat to be able to check out a few and report back to my friends at Celina Lifestyle. Now I want to share with you all a few of the great trucks and good eats I was able to enjoy on this Dude Food mission. 

Sophia’s Haitian Cuisine 


Sophia was great and she was excited to let me try EVERYTHING. I really liked the chicken leg. My favorite thing would have to be the “Pikliz”, a spicy coleslaw that Sophia serves as a side on some dishes and on the hot dog. Buy a side of it next time, you’ll love it! The “Paté” is what we in Texas would call a fried pie. We of course tried one of each: beef, chicken and veggie. They are great for sharing...if you must!

Tre Fiamme Pizza


“Tre Fiamme” means three flames in Italian. I got to meet the three flames, the Ceccarelli’s three daughters. I had the Michele Polpetta pizza. Holy smokes! It was so good, crispy in the right places, cheesy and meaty. I’ll get it again for sure. All from scratch from family recipes straight from Naples, Italy. They are a great family who live right here in Celina! Buon Appetito!

King Kups


King Kups specialized in Cali-Tex street food. The Street Corn "Elotes" was flat out amazing! It had so many different flavors and levels. Very rich, and sharable. I loved the tacos too. I had Chicken Bacon Ranch and Carne Asada. I wish I had doubled down on those. They were legit!

After my food truck adventures, I realized that all of these wonderful people love what they are doing. Smiles galore. It was an assignment that I would definitely do again (hint, hint). I may just do it without being asked. 

  • Tre Fiamme Pizza
  • Sophia's Haitian Cuisine
  • King Kups
  • Andy "Hop" Hopkins

Andy Hopkins is the owner of The UPS Store Celina with his wife, Debbie. He is a member of Celina City Council, Board Member for the Celina Chamber of Commerce and the Commander of the American Legion Celina Post 145. Andy and Deb love spending time with their dogs and traveling. They have a goal to visit all 50 US states!

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