Dust Off Those Wheels and Hit the Road for the Holidays

Getting road trip ready with European House For Imports

It is nearly holiday time, and many locals will be hitting the roads to visit family and friends. Before you hit the gas pedal, it's crucial to ensure that your vehicle is prepped and ready to handle the demands of holiday driving. From routine maintenance checks to winterizing your vehicle, addressing proper vehicle care can help you enjoy a safe and stress-free journey during this festive season.

Locals Josh Blake and Angie Duran, owners of European House For Imports, encourage you to do just that. Their auto repair and service center offers premier services for elite European Import vehicles and more. Experienced technicians care for all their customer’s vehicles with precision and a commitment to excellence.

With quality and excellence in mind, we asked Josh and Angie for a list of things that car owners should stay on top of before heading out this winter. Since our southwest winters are generally mild, they say it’s important to focus on routine maintenance. Testing things like tire pressure and tread, battery testing (there’s nothing worse than a dead battery in the middle of nowhere), and verifying optimal functioning of brakes and lights are just a few.

And while it can be tempting to rely on the dealer for your vehicle, especially if you’re new to town, that’s not always the best and certainly not the only option.

“We distinguish ourselves against a dealership because we’re a small shop and maintain real relationships with our customers,” says Josh and Angie. “We have open and honest communication and offer full transparency when it comes to pricing and timing. Not to mention a lower labor rate than most dealers and typically less expensive parts.”

Lastly, the European House For Imports team documents the history of each vehicle meticulously and can, therefore, provide higher quality recommendations and service when you’re a returning customer. 

So, what has the team excited about the future regarding cars? Angie loves to watch the evolution of safety features, especially brands like Mercedes Benz. “They have always been at the forefront of safety. Most people don’t know they invented the airbag in the 1960s. So now it’s cool to see them come up with features like the lane assist and drowsiness alerts that help prevent accidents.” 

Josh is always amazed at how cars are becoming more and more fuel-efficient. He says the higher level of horsepower available each year while maintaining good gas mileage is pretty impressive. “The emissions on cars these days are much lower than they used to be, but the power is still there. That’s cool to watch.”

They both agree that in 10 years, cars will look even different and be easier and safer to drive. And they both know that cars can be the prized possession for some owners, so they take pride in caring for them. 

When you bring your vehicle into our shop, we’ll make sure to go over everything needed so you are ready to ride.

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