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3 Tips to Style a Winter Mantel


Article by Allie Flurer

Photography by Allie Flurer

After the holiday decor comes down your home might feel a little bare. Your mantel is the perfect place to make a big impact and keep a few winter touches to carry on through the rest of the season! Keep reading for my three tips to style a great winter mantel.

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1. Scale + Color of Artwork

When styling a mantel, I like to select artwork or a mirror as the focal point. If your fireplace and mantel is on the smaller size you, want to make sure to choose artwork that is not too large. On the other hand, if your fireplace and mantel are larger in size like mine, you want to select artwork that is also larger in size so it doesn't look tiny.

For our mantel that is nearly 7 feet wide, I keep the art at least 36 inches wide so the scale feels appropriate. If I planned to add fewer decor items I would make sure the artwork was slightly wider, as I like for the artwork and any decor on the mantel to take up around 2/3 of the mantel width. To keep a winter feel I selected artwork with darker, moodier colors.

2. Greenery

Greenery adds life and color to my otherwise neutral mantel. Fresh pine boughs displayed in a darker toned vase immediately adds a wintery touch to the mantel. I selected greenery that I knew would add a little height to the left side of the mantel. I like to make the decor on one side of the mantel slightly taller than the other so it creates a natural visual movement.

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3. A Touch of Brass for Warmth

I love to incorporate brass when styling spaces around my home because it adds a little warmth to the space. Vintage brass candle stick holders provide a classic touch, and paired together with white candle sticks they really pop on the darker brick of the fireplace. Remember to style smaller decor items like candlesticks in groups of three for a look that is pleasing to the eye!

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I hope these tips help your home feel seasonal after the traditional holiday decor is put away!