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Century Roofing—20+ Years of Quality


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Century Roofing

Kevin Pratt is the general manager of Century Roofing, one of the oldest roofing companies in Kansas City. In general, roofing companies do not have a reputation for longevity. For Century Roofing to still be going strong 20 years after it began in Kansas in 1990 is a huge testament for their management and investment in the Kansas City community.

High-Quality People Who Care

The Century Roofing business philosophy is to do the job right and be honest and fair in dealings with people. They understand how important their service, says Kevin.

Beyond wanting your home to look good, you rely on your roof for safety, and it can be very costly in the long run if your roof is not done well. Kevin and his team take their time talking to you about what you need, and making sure they get it right.

"The roof of any home is both intricate and irreplaceable," Kevin says. "At Century Roofing, we want you to be as informed and as educated as possible when it comes to understanding your roof and its needs. We'll always talk through the basic elements of your standard roof, as well as what to look for when choosing the right roof for your home."

Being Choosy Pays Off

Century Roofing is extremely careful with who they employ. They check for experience, talent and integrity, and Kevin credits their selective hiring process for the company's 20-plus years of success.

"The vast majority of companies in our industry do not make it past five years. We have office supplies older than that!"

Along with having reliable employees, Century Roofing is picky with their supplies and never skimp on quality.

"We use only the best brand names of materials from names like TAMKO, Certainteed, and GAF," Kevin says. "We follow all applicable codes and manufacturers guidelines to insure a proper installation and even go the extra mile with things like ice and water shield."

Replacements, Repairs + More

Kevin and his team are always honest about what you need, and they won't try to get you to do a more costly process if you don't need it.

"Many roofs we look at do not need to be replaced," Kevin says. "That’s why we offer repair service on a time and material basis. Or if you are having leaks, we can track them down and fix them for you."

Century Roofing does not charge for repair estimates, so it never hurts to reach out to them and ask any questions that you have. You get to make the final decision about what you choose to do, and there is no pressure on you to start immediately.

If you're buying a home, Century Roofing can help you with the inspection process and give you an even more detailed and careful look at your roof. All of Kevin's inspectors have completed Haag Engineering's training on residential roofing and can help get all of the information you need before you move into your new home.

Read the Roofing 101 guide on Century Roofing's website for fundamental info about roofing to get you started.

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