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Run the Mile You’re In

Meet the Newest Boutique Fitness Owner in Fulton

Article by Jessica Fitch

Photography by Provided

&Running is a project many, many years in the making. The studio, which has plans to open early 2021 in Fulton, will be the first Running Boutique Fitness Studio in Maryland. The boutique, owned and operated by Leah Williams, will have sixteen top-of-the-line treadmills, mat stations, dumbbells, and a bike, all designed to give you the power, endurance, strength, and motivation you need to be the best runner you can be.

Leah Williams first had the idea for this studio fifteen years ago while she was still in grad school. She branched out, looking for other fitness classes to participate in beyond her usual running routine and found a local spin class. She was energized by the music, the lighting, the coach, the group of people at different levels but all working towards the same goal. As she left that first class, she thought, “Why don’t they have this for running?” She shrugged off the idea at first, as she was on her way to becoming a Clinical Genetic Counselor.

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After graduating with her Master’s from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Leah began her career path, counseling patients and later specializing in genetic testing. Life continued on; she married, had two children and continued running. She joined running clubs and races, and started to coach running groups and fitness classes like boot camps. All the while, that dream stayed in her back pocket, until about two years ago when she decided she was ready to pursue it.

With her life personally and professionally where she wanted it, she began the process of starting her own business. While her original plans of opening and running in early fall of 2020 were postponed due to COVID-19, she is looking ahead to celebrate the grand opening in early 2021. Leah appreciates many people who helped and inspired her along the way - from her husband and kids, to the boutique fitness center owners who provided her advice and warm welcome.

Most of all, Leah has a great passion for her community and for her future clients; “I can’t wait to see the progress. I love beginners. Of course, I love any client’s progress, but beginners are so exciting! I love to show them what they can do and see them get better, see them move on to more advanced classes and believe in themselves - that’s the best feeling ever.”

Leah Williams can’t wait to show you more about her studio. When it opens, she anticipates having several kinds of classes; from beginners-only, to mixed-level classes, expert-level, or even “hiking” classes with high inclines and walking only. She plans to help runners cross-train (which runners often ignore) and to help them recover as well.

Whether you’ve never even jogged before or if you’ve been running all of your life, &Running just might become your new home fitness studio - and with a leader like this, who wouldn’t be motivated? The studio will be offering some incentives to the newest clients, so be sure to keep an eye on their website and Facebook for updates.

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