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Contact lenses can be frustrating and exciting at the same time. Switch those eye glasses during sports or special occasions for contact lenses. There are 2 types of lens, soft and hard lenses. For now, we will talk about the more popular of the two, soft lenses.

Where do we even begin? Well first, the 2 most common contact lens modality are daily and monthly.

Daily lenses are replaced everyday without the need for cleaning and storing.

Monthly lenses are cleaned every night before storing and wearing the next day.

Let’s break down the pros and cons:

Daily disposable contact lenses


– You get a fresh pair everyday which is healthier and more comfortable for the eyes.

– Great for traveling as bringing contact solution and cases are not mandatory.

– Amazing for patients with dry eyes and allergies because of less lens debris.


– Cost is pricier upfront than that of monthly lenses.

Monthly disposable contact lenses


– Cost friendly as prices are typically a fraction compared to dailies.

– Eco-friendly due to the lenses being disposed of at a much lower rate.


– Buildup of debris and bacteria possible due to improper cleaning techniques.

– Prone to over wear due to patients not tracking wear start time.

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