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This article is sponsored by House of Want.

House of Want was founded in the heart of the New York fashion world, drawing inspiration from the chic and glamorous hustle of Manhattan.

Inspired by the confidence of stylish, globe-trotting gals committed to self-expression, confidence and fashion no matter what, the brand has sought from the beginning to support and champion these leading ladies.

The brand creates refined and sophisticated accessories, with a nod to retro and lady-like elegance. Designs are approachable and affordable, because it is not about the logo or the price tag, but rather the head to toe look. Each seasonal collection is inspired by the mixture of hi and lo fashion, and the resulting trend-relevant designs are classic pieces to complement your wardrobe for years to come.

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I believe confidence is contagious, and everyone should set free their inner fashionista – there’s room for us all to inspire one another.

With a luxurious approach always, House of Want offers a collection of fashion-forward, high-quality accessories imbued with this very ethos yet inclusive to all who were drawn to it.

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The brand continuously releases collections that are embraced by best in class retailers, sharing a similar ethos. This, in addition to the burgeoning direct to consumer platform, enable them to continue to grow and showcase our society in gratitude to their support.

Their long-term strategy is to stay committed and on course, breaking down barriers and uniting as team in dedication to the ultimate goal. Some of their future initiatives include championing responsible fashion, expanding into new categories that will appeal to my audience, and giving back to meaningful organizations that are striving to make the world better.

Explore my House of Want collection here and use promo codes SAPNA20 or ONLYYOU30 for a discount.