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Our Guide to Landscaping in Kansas City


Article by City Lifestyle

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Whether you are planning to move to the Kansas City area or already have a home here, it’s important to know where to find high-quality companies that offer routine types of services.

Landscaping is one of those tasks you want to have a true professional handle. Consider requesting the services of a local landscaping Kansas City company that is reputable and whose team members take great pride in their work. 

Top-Notch Landscaping Kansas City Companies

There are numerous landscaping companies from which you can choose in the Kansas City region.

It’s ideal to go through a reputable landscaping business for the different types of work that you want done on your property. From pruning bushes and hedges to putting down paving stones on a walkway, you know you can rely on a company that has great reviews in your community. 

You don’t want to do everything in your yard and garden as a DIY project, especially if you don't have the experience with the tasks at hand.

Sure, there are little things you can and likely should do, but overall it’s a good idea to entrust landscapers so you can save time and energy that can be spent in other pursuits, such as quality time with your family and friends after the work is done. Then, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the transformation in your outdoor living space. 

Just a few of the amazing businesses that conduct these projects include the following: 

  • Atlas Landscape (known for its hardscapes, landscapes, outdoor lighting, and irrigation and it offers you the ability to see your agreed-upon design in a 3D virtual program)
  • Pfeifer Landscaping (they do drainage work, lighting, hardscapes, maintenance of landscapes, and commercial snow removal, as well as being known for their stunning architecture of outdoor spaces)
  • Rosehill Gardens (They grow 90 percent of the plants they have in stock and have been in business for more than 100 years) 

Design of Outdoor Landscapes

It can be exciting to think about getting a revamp of your backyard, front walkway, or even just the path leading to your garden. No matter the size of the landscape design Kansas City project, there’s sure to be a savvy team of landscapers who can undertake the job. 

There’s a range of landscape designs, so much so that it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to decide what you’d like for your own space. This is where an expert comes in. They can help you determine which type is best suited for the exterior of your property. 

You may decide to go with one of the following landscaping design Kansas City styles. 

Asian isn’t common in the United States. However, the Eastern landscape design and philosophy is now more popular in the U.S. It is well-known for using both nature and the informal through its use of simple yet beautiful water features, plants, and stonescapes. It’s meant to instill a sense of peace and balance. 

Xeriscaping is a more environmentally friendly design style. One of the main goals is to conserve water through the combination of plants, rocks, and systems that you use. This helps you save money and preserve natural resources.

This generally takes a great deal more research and dedication, so you need to have the time and energy to put into this along with professional design work and guidance at the start.  

Contemporary is a design style that consists of bold patterns, clean lines, and a repurposing of things that are general components of contemporary design. This includes aspects that are streamlined, geometrical, and smooth. There typically would be large group plantings and more abstract elements. 

Mediterranean may be found mainly in the Mediterranean climates, but it can be replicated at some level nearly anywhere. It includes French Country, Tuscan, and Spanish styles. You’ll often see hedges, fountains, and columns used for this type of landscape design. 

Residential Design Services

Some companies focus on or only offer residential landscaping to their Kansas City clients. Be sure to discuss your unique needs and any challenges you’ve experienced with the space in order to get the best assistance possible. 

Residential landscaping Kansas City must have some variety.

You don’t want things to be too uniform or it will come across as boring to you and your guests. Another consideration is that you want to be able to handle the level of maintenance that will be involved.

This is why it’s ideal to collaborate on the design planning with a landscaping company and have them show you the final plans as well as explain to you all the little details of tending to the space that you may not think about.  

Landscaping Supplies Around KC

When you want to know where to go for landscaping supplies, it can be a difficult dilemma. You might try one of the many nurseries to get your trees and other plants. You may want to visit a basic lawn and garden store where they’ll have gardening tools, mulch, soil, seeds, planters and more. 

Where to Purchase Rocks for Landscaping 

There also are stores where you specifically can buy different types of rocks for your garden and yard.

For instance, you can go to The House of Rocks, where they sell boulders, stone edging, limestone slabs, bluestone, and Mexican beach pebbles, among many other varieties. This way you can use them yourself to get just the effect you want or buy them in advance for landscaping contractors to bring your vision to life. 

Lawn Care

When you need your lawn and landscaping to be maintained and help with evaluating certain issues, there are several landscaping Kansas City companies that offer services to meet your needs.

Lawn care services include mowing, weeding, trimming, removal of lawn trimmings, weeds, and leaves, and ensuring that your lawn is in good health. This is a service you might ask for on its own or to be done as part of a package along with the building of some hardscapes and other features to make your outdoor living area more enjoyable. 

Lighting Fixtures 

There also are companies that specialize or include services for installing lighting outside of your home and commercial property. NiteLites of Kansas City is an example of a company that sells and services exterior lighting. It’s a good idea to get lighting for your walkways so you can stay out in your yard even later, enjoying times with your family and friends. 

It’s in your best interest to shop around for the residential and commercial landscaping Kansas City to fit your unique situation and needs. This list barely touches the surface of what’s available in lawn care, supplies, lighting, hardscapes, and more in the field of landscaping.