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Meet Dana and Lucy

The Owners of House of Blooms 

Article by City Lifestyle Bridgewater

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If you're in Bridgewater, NJ, and you're looking for a local florist that truly cares about the quality and artistry of their floral arrangements, look no further than House of Blooms. This charming flower shop, located at 7 1st Ave, Raritan, NJ 08869, is run by two dynamic women, Dana Kane and Lucy Sandler. House of Blooms has been creating beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements for their community for eight years and have big plans for the future.

The Heartwarming Story of House of Blooms

Lucy Sandler, founder of House of Blooms, discovered her passion for floristry while working at a flower shop during her college years. Coming from a family of business owners, the decision to start her own flower shop in 2016 was a natural one. Dana Kane started her journey at House of Blooms in 2018 as a trusted employee, and became co-owner of the business in the fall of 2023.

Dana has always been creative, finding beauty in every corner of her world. It was destined that their two lives would intersect, not only in friendship, but in business. 

Both Dana and Lucy believe in the importance of hard work, perseverance, and dedication when it comes to running a successful flower shop. They know that entrepreneurship is a journey filled with highs and lows, but they emphasize showing up every single day to make their dream a reality.

A Day in the Life of Dana and Lucy

Dana and Lucy's teamwork and dedication are the backbone of House of Blooms. Each day begins with a quick catch-up session and a rundown of the day's tasks to ensure they are always on the same page and can meet their customers' expectations.

Their vision for the future of House of Blooms is crystal clear. In three five years, they aim to become the go-to florist for anyone in Somerset County, and within five years, they plan to expand their shop to serve surrounding counties as well.

Creating Floral Art with Love

What sets House of Blooms apart from other florists is their personal touch. Dana and Lucy create each floral arrangement with you and your message in mind, treating every order as if it's being designed for their own friends and family. Their passion for what they do shines through in every bouquet they design.

As Lucy wisely puts it, "No job is stress-free or worry-free, but when you're an entrepreneur, you get to choose what problems you solve every day, and there's a lot of freedom in that."

Blossoming Expertise and Quality

Over the years, Dana and Lucy have honed their skills as floral designers. They've become more responsible, detail-oriented, and excellent communicators, ensuring that every customer's vision is transformed into reality using the freshest and highest quality flowers and foliage available.

Their commitment to quality is why House of Blooms is known for arrangements that not only look stunning but also last longer than your average bouquet.

Work Hard, Play Hard

When they're not hard at work in their floral shop, you'll find Dana and Lucy enjoying life in downtown Somerville with their friends and husbands. They love unwinding over drinks and delicious food at their favorite local spots, proving that they're not only dedicated business owners, but also fun-loving individuals.

Passion for Love and Beauty

Above all, Dana and Lucy are romantics at heart. They are on a mission to make the world more beautiful, one flower arrangement at a time. Their love for love itself is evident in every floral creation they craft.

If you're in the Bridgewater, NJ, area and are in need of a stunning bouquet, flowers for a special occasion, or just want to experience the magic of House of Blooms, don't hesitate to visit their retail florist shop. Dana and Lucy are dedicated to making your floral dreams come true.

For your convenience, you can also order flowers online through their flower delivery service. Whether you're looking for a bridal bouquet, gift baskets, flower arrangements, or want to send someone flowers to brighten their day, House of Blooms is the place to go.

Dana, Lucy, and their team are eager to serve you and be a part of your special moments. Visit their website or drop by their store today to experience the beauty and craftsmanship of House of Blooms. Your search for the best local florist in Bridgewater, NJ, ends here.

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