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Success at Every Level


Article by Chad O'Roark

Photography by Chad O'Roark

I want to pose a question to you today? What’s keeping you from standing out in the crowd?

Team work certainly takes a team… teams need a leader… is that you? If not, then why not? What would it take to get you to the next level?

Leadership is more than a position, it’s a mind set… it’s a state of being…  Its not about control or power its about service. A true leader serves their team… they build bridges and remove barriers to help support their team. A true leader expects the best, but they also give the best. Is that you?  

If you feel like that is you, but you’re not currently walking the walk of a leader then why, when, what will it take to get you there?  

If you are a leader and you find that you are having a similar problem with multiple team members... if you are the common denominator, then the problem may be YOU!!! Take a look in the mirror. If you are not happy with your current leadership style, then change it… TODAY!!!

Nobody likes a download session, nobody wants to be beaten down; they want to be coached and trained to become better.

Nobody woke up this morning and thought, ”What a great day, I can’t wait to get to work and screw things up today.”  

Sure, there may be some people like that, but they are few and far between.  

Remember this. You can teach skills, you can manage wills, but you can’t manage attitude. Try telling your human resource manager that somebody within your group has an attitude problem and they’re going to tell you to call back when you have proof of a violation.  

You can’t manage someone else's attitude, but you can manage your own. You set the tone for the day. No matter what you find walking into work in the morning; your staff will be a reflection of you and your attitude. 

Stay Positive.