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3 Clever Ways to Eat Eggs


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Eggs—they're a pantry staple for a reason. They play an important role in so many recipes. They're fried or scrambled for breakfast, they're essential in baked goods—but how else can they be eaten? Check out these three recipes for some inspiration.

Egg Salad

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Egg salad is an old-fashioned recipe that's just as delicious between bread or straight out of the bowl. The Forked Spoon shares her crave-worthy classic version of the dish.

Egg Drop Soup

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This restaurant-style egg drop soup recipe from Gimme Some Oven comes together in just 15 minutes. Serve it with fried rice for homemade takeout!


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Flan is a creamy custard dessert topped with a sweet caramel sauce. This recipe from Isabel Eats contains just five ingredients!