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What is 'Orange' Wine?


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

If you're looking to expand your wine palate, "orange" wine is a fun and exciting place to start. The correct term for this type of wine is skin-contact wine, which refers to the way it is made. White grapes are fermented with the skins still on, which gives the wine its color. This is exactly how red wine is produced. The longer the musk (grape juice) ferments with the skins, the bigger and bolder the final product will be. The wine will also be deeper in color and take on more red wine characteristics. Skin contact wines can be made from any white grape and range in color from pale amber to deep orange. Are you intrigued yet? Check out these labels and get sippin'!

Manu Michelini Plop! Blanco de Semillón

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This wine from Argentina is a great introduction to skin-contact styles. It has a light, hazy orange color with slight funk and lovely minerality. You'll want another glass of this affordable and approachable choice.

Channing Daughters 2016 Ramato Orange Wine

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This Ramato—Italian for "copper"—is a version from Long Island that uses pinot grigio grapes. The result is a dry, earthy and funky wine with notes of apricot and herbs.

COS Pithos Bianco

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This cloudy orange Sicilian beauty is made from local grecanico grapes, which are macerated for seven months in clay amphorae. It's filled with sharp citrus flavors and balanced by notes of mint and earth.

Fans of sour beers and kombucha are sure to catch onto the "orange" wine trend. Shake things up and grab a bottle for happy hour tonight!