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5 Steps to Creating a Home Yoga Practice


Article by Courtney Sheber

Photography by Brian Hudson

1. Establish a routine

Practice at the same time each day. This is easier said than done, but your body gets acclimated to this and your mind will follow. Human beings love routine. What you repeatedly do, ultimately forms the person you are.

2. Hold yourself accountable

If you tell yourself you're going to do something, DO IT. You wouldn't bail on a friend last minute, so don't bail on yourself. Honor your commitments and make yourself proud. It's easy for the mind to make excuses, but you always feel better once you've done what you said you would do.

3. Use virtual assistance

There are so many resources now to practice yoga from home. There are online classes, IG Live videos, and even studios are filming live classes now. My home studio, Modern Yoga, has 3 live-streamed classes per day as well as on-demand classes you can access at any time. Find a teacher you resonate with and practice with them.

4. Create a space you love

Pick somewhere in your home that makes you feel calm and present. Get rid of distractions, turn your phone on do-not-disturb, and surround yourself with things that make you happy. This could be outside on your back patio or in a separate room you dedicate toward your practice. Make it something special that you look forward to retreating to.

5. Do what you can

Even if you don't get a one-hour practice in, just start. One of my teachers once told me, "Roll out your yoga mat every single day and just stand on it." Your yoga practice might just be the 30 seconds you stood on your mat that day, but I guarantee once you roll out your mat, you will do more than just stand there.