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Make A Statement in Your Home


Article by Lanie Draper

Photography by Lanie Draper

A major home decor trend is to use larger and more powerful pieces. These single statements have eye-catching design elements that showcase best when on their own. Here are a few of my favorite ways to make a statement in your home!


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These big framed show-stoppers would look awesome over a couch, on a blank wall or even in a small powder room. Their size alone is so unexpected making it a great conversation piece!

Design by Leedy Interiors | Design by Collette Dinnigan | Contemporary White Entry with Oversized Art Source by MDickensDesign


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Mirrors are a classic and useful way to make a major statement in your home. I personally love a bright home so when I’m able to reflect light and add style, I’m a happy camper!

Design via Rooted_KC | Design via Studio McGee | via Restoration Hardware


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Rugs are the perfect way to ground a room. They add a beautiful pop of color while also providing warmth and function. Y’all I have a major obsession with rugs! It’s amazing how quickly a room transforms once the right one is down.

Design by Thea_home | Design by Jordy Fagan | Rug by Pampa


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I love how lighting can instantly transform a room. I always felt like our flips were so far from finished until the lights went up. Function and ambiance…yes please!

Design via Studio McGee | Design via Design Works Home | Design by Leanne Ford Interiors

I hope these ideas inspire you to find decor that will make a statement in home!

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