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While theme park rides, fruit farms and beaches are a thing in Orange County California, many people do not get a chance to see the magnificent houses and nicely-manicured lawns that surround the homes.

Those lawns and backyards are built by expert architects and contractors right in the region and cover projects of any scale.

Are you trying to obtain the services of a landscape architect or just a landscaper to maintain your residence? Here's a guide to landscaping in Orange County that will assist you with choosing the right contractor.

Landscaping Companies In Orange County

Are you building a pool or spa? Maybe creating a new fence or just want a completely renovated yard? One hundred and eleven landscaping companies with a myriad of contractors skilled in various areas are waiting to take on your outdoor construction plans. 

Landscaping services are available for residential and commercial properties from Lake Forest to Laguna Niquel, with some having specialties and others doing general landscaping work. 

The landscapers and residents alike have access to scores of plant nurseries 

A proficient landscape contractor and architect usually lead the project when it is a mammoth task, and carry out the planning to the execution aspects.

South Orange County

Down in South Orange County, you'll have no problem finding a reputable landscaping business with capable landscapers. Several businesses will do the project from the planning and design aspect to completion.

It all depends on what your budget is and the scope of work that needs to be done. Smaller contractors or regular landscapers may sometimes provide you with a list of required items for you to place the order. 

Starting in South Coast Metro and further south to Mission Viejo are competent landscaping firms in Orange County to satisfy the demands of the many residential clients. 

Many supply stores in the area give you access to a nursery for all your plant and soil needs.

Landscape Design Services: Grass to Trees

Landscape designers are architects who will aid you in specifying what type of plants, trees, rocks etc will accentuate the design of your home or the community in general. 

Companies such as OC West Landscape, Landscaping Orange County and Gardening and Mike Parker Landscape.

To raise the value of your home, the landscaping design must complement the house, or it could turn away prospective buyers when you're ready to sell.

The architects have the mastery of designing your garden and satisfactorily managing your yard space to make it both comfy and beautiful. It is critical to get a contractor who has experience with the level of work and type of landscaping that you hope to get done.

You can hire a landscape design architect when you have major landscape design services requirements, especially rock placements.

Rocks usually require additional machinery, especially if they are boulder size.

Professional companies and architects have an understanding of the laws in the area and will balance the work to fit within the realms of the law or your HOA requirements. 

Landscaping Supplies and Materials

From Yorba Linda up north Irvine down south, landscaping supplies and materials stores are conveniently situated across Orange County, which is valuable to residents and professionals as they do not have to travel long distances for supplies and materials.

Many of the supply stores actually deliver especially huge supply orders including rocks and boulders. Some also have delivery persons hovering nearby so there is always a convenient way to get your supplies home without hassle.

One hundred and ten prominent landscaping supplies stores are conveniently located all over Orange County, CA.

They come fully stocked with all the materials that contractors and landscapers as a whole will need for landscaping in Orange County.

In summary, whatever landscaping requirements you may have, simple or massive, you have landscaping contractors, engineers and architects to accomplish them for you. 

Maintaining the beauty of Orange County landscape is certainly not complicated as the landscape hardware stores are ready to fulfill the sometimes gigantic needs of residents and businesses.

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