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6 Myths About Wearing Red Lipstick


Article by Kim Higgins

Photography by Stock Photography

We've all been there. Running into someone with the perfect red lipstick, only to think to yourself, "wish I could pull that off." Well, girl you can! A red lip instantly makes you feel confident, sexy, and put together. It elevates any outfit you're wearing. Below are 6 myths about wearing red lipstick. Afterwards, you can totally pull of this style! It's one of those things, that once you do it, you realize it's incredibly easy to wear and looks absolutely amazing.

MYTH 1: I'm too pale to wear red lipstick.

Ask a makeup artist to help you find a cooler, blue based red lipstick. Those colors that pull blue or purple will look better on fair skin. Those reds that are more of a coral, terra-cotta, or warmer tone will look better on warmer skin tones. However, the biggest thing is to own it! These are just general guidelines. The biggest thing to take away when wearing makeup is that makeup is an art. Do what makes you feel most confident!

If you want to take baby steps, try a tinted chapstick. Burt's Bee and Clinique both have great options that give you a "hint" of color without that "in your face" red. Both brands also are very hydrating and give added moisture.

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MYTH 2: It will make my teeth look yellow.

Growing up with a ceramic art teacher for a grandmother, I learned early on all about color theory. For instance, yellow and blue are across from each other on the color wheel. Choosing a bluer red lip will counteract the yellow in your teeth. You can also play around with deeper darker reds with purple tones. A lot of people think red is just that tomato red color. However, a berry colored lipstick will also make your teeth appear whiter. Pinker tones will also look really nice and give a softer look.

MYTH 3: My top lip is too thin for red lipstick.

Using a red lip liner, color in the entire lip so your lipstick won't budge! To line the lips start at the cupid's bow and lightly trace along your natural lip line. Choose a shade 1-2 shades darker and apply on the outer corners of both the top and bottom lip. Then fill in with a shade 1-2 shades lighter in the center of your lip. Blend with a lip brush. The lighter color in the center will make your lips appear fuller (like when you highlight your cheekbones, it's pulling the lighter color forward to appear larger). Add a pop of clear gloss right in the center for hydration. Personally, I'm not a fan of over lining lips because unless it's done to perfection, especially using such a bold color, it can go so wrong!

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MYTH 4: Red lipstick will transfer and get on my teeth.

Good news is that you have two great options! First, when applying your foundation apply across your lips lightly. Doing so will keep your lipstick in place. Apply your favorite red lipstick, and then take your thumb (clean hands) and put it in your mouth like you were going to suck your thumb. Take your thumb out of your mouth and notice the ring of red lipstick. Wash your hands again (sorry!)

If you don't want to use the thumb trick, (hey, I don't blame you), choose a long lasting lip stain. Those that have a matte formula tend to be a bit drying. A pop of gloss in the center of the lip won't move around too much.

MYTH 5: I can't wear dark eye makeup with a red lip.

If you want your lips to be the focus, keeping the rest of your makeup neutral will be key. However, if you want to wear a red lipstick during the evening or for a special night out, you certainly can up your eye shadow game. Charcoal and gun metal shadows look amazing with a bold red lip. Have your eyeliner be a bit thicker and add some false lashes. Shimmer on the eyes will also compliment the red lip.

MYTH 6: Blush and red lipstick don't match.

I love multi-use products! There are so many good options where you can wear the product on your lips and your cheeks. While I don't recommend this for a dark red; one that is a coral tone will look amazing on both the cheek and lips. Apply blush sparingly to the apples of your cheeks. You can also choose a rosier color that gives the illusion of flushed skin. If you are going all out, apply more bronzer than blush and you'll be golden!

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