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Wallpaper...The  Comeback Kid

not just for your Gramma's house anymore

Article by Jessica Avignone

Photography by Anthropologie, Area Environments,

Remember the dark and busy wallpapers of years ago? You know, the ones that adorned every square inch of wall space in your grandmothers house? Yes...I too shutter at the the thought. But don't let old misconceptions muddy the possibilities for a whole new generation of fun, artistic, and unique wall covering options now on the market.

Companies like Anthropology,, and Area Environments have created everything from light and bright whimsical patterns, custom murals, and actual fine art icons that can be custom sized and adhered to the walls in your favorite room.

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Anyone can paint a wall, but adding wallpaper that reflects your true style adds a custom touch with big time impact to any room. Not only does it become the focal point and conversation piece of your home, it also helps protect your walls from everyday wear and tear. Unlike paint, most wallpapers have moisture resistant cleanable surfaces, allowing you to wipe down finger prints and splatters without chipping, or rubbing off the finish.

Concerned about installation? No sweat...if you don't have a professional wallpaper installer, or don't feel comfortable tackling the job yourself, there are removable wallpaper options now available. Companies like Chasing Paper have created easy to install and easy to remove wall covering products that are as affordable as they are stylish. Rent your home, or change your style often? Removable wallpapers allow you to peel and stick with ease, and pull off when you are ready to switch up your style!

Looking for a one of a kind or high end solution for a formal dining or living room? Consider a mural wall covering...think one piece of art that covers the entire wall, vs. a repeated pattern. The benefit here is that you are less likely to tire of the pattern, as art is much more timeless. Patterns are trendy, and most stay in favor for 5-7 years at best. A mural is less tied to design trends, and more tailored to the home owners personal tastes. The mural can be dramatic, or subtle, and will create a warm, inviting statement without the need for much additional decorative items.

Regardless of budget, style, or handyman abilities, wallpaper is the perfect solution to step up your design game, and give your house a fresh and sophisticated look. Put the paintbrush down, get online, and check out all the cool new wallpaper products available. That wall is a blank canvas, fill it with something spectacular!