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Earlybird’s Around Town

Earlybird CBD co-founders, Mark, Justin and Erik share some of their favorite places in Austin

Earlybird CBD is an Austin-based recreational hemp company that makes gummies they say are designed to put a smile on your face.  Their three co-founders are Mark Hulings (CEO), Justin Adair (Head of Sales) and Erik Culver (CMO).

Co-founders Mark Hulings, CEO, and Justin Adair. Head of Sales, grew up together in Corpus Christi. As adults, they made the move to Austin where they met Erik Culver who joined their crew as a third co-founder and CMO to round out the Earlybird team. “We love being in Austin,” Mark says, “It’s obviously a fabulous city and a central hub to access the great state of Texas.” When asked about their best-loved spots in Austin, Justin says, “I’ve got a lot of them, and it turns out that the places I love to visit are almost always a great retail partner for Earlybird as well.” 

Together they have a combined 50+ years of living in Austin and have accrued many spots where they like to hang out around the capital city. Here’s a shortlist when they were challenged to choose six.

Justin’s Picks

1.     Cosmic Coffee: I love going to Cosmic any time of the day.  I hit it up in the morning for a coffee and email writing, but also love to grab a pint in the evening with some beef cheeks from Leroy and Lewis.

2.      Tiny Grocer: When I need an indulgent food shopping experience I swing by Tiny Grocer on South Congress -and always buy more snacks than I need!

Mark’s Picks

3.     South Congress Hotel: It’s rare that I do a staycation, but when I do, I stay at the South Congress Hotel.  The rooms are fantastically comfortable and the hotel pool is unbeatable.  Plus, they have Earlybird in the minibar, so naturally, I enjoy them when I am there. 

4.      Austin Beerworks I’m also a longtime fan of ABW. If you haven’t checked out their tap room - you definitely should.


Erik’s Picks

5.      The Brew and Brew: I’ve been going to the Brew and Brew for almost 10 years and I still think they have the best tap list in Austin. I love the bar and I love the team. 

6.     Fairweather Cider: I’ve also recently found myself cruising to Fairweather Cider on the occasional Friday at 4pm. A pint of their Cydersport paired with a bite from Spicy Boys always hits the spot.

About Earlybird CBD: Earlybird started in 2018 as a website to purchase the highest quality hemp products available at the time, As the business grew the founders created a formula for their own line of gummies with the intention of developing a product that produced a mild and functional buzz.  “People simply love the consistent, relaxing effect of our gummies,” says Erik, adding, “We have a very wide range of customers, many of whom are parents. The appeal of a mild buzz is almost universal.”