Earth Day Seed Bombs DIY

Earth Day 2023: Saturday, April 22

Creating and planting seed bombs is an easy, hands-on way to teach your children about nature and have fun at the same time.

To make the seed bombs you will need:

  • Colored paper - blue, green, and white

  • Packets of wildflower seeds

  • Water

  • Bowls

  • Blender

Start by tearing up the paper and putting it into three separate bowls. Soak with water and leave to absorb for about half an hour.

A grown-up is needed for the next step. Pour all contents from the bowl of white paper into the blender and blitz thoroughly until it forms a wet pulp. Add enough additional water so that it blends easily. The excess water will be squeezed out later.

Follow the same process for the green and blue bowls, returning the pulp to each original bowl. 

Choose the seeds you want to add to your seed bomb mix. We used Texas Wildflower and Zinnia seeds from Triple S Feed Store.  

Add seeds to each pulp mixture and combine thoroughly with your hands. The kids love this part and this is a great chance to talk about how seeds turn into flowers.

To form the seed bombs, scoop a small amount of each color pulp into your hand and form a ball, squeezing out excess water. You can challenge older kids to make their seed bombs look like Earth with its continents and ice caps.

To give them an even finish, roll the balls gently between the palms of your hands.

You can let your seed bombs dry and enjoy them as decoration for a bit, or plant them immediately. If they are dry at planting time, rehydrate them with a little water. 

Happy planting, and Happy Earth Day!

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