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Follow these expert tips to nail your kitchen remodel

So, you know you're remodeling your kitchen, now what? Whether you are building a new house or updating an existing one, the thought of designing a kitchen can be daunting. Firstly, it's expensive. A functional place in the home, the kitchen houses its fair share of costly appliances, and with so many to choose from, how can anyone be sure they are making the right decision? With so much at stake, it makes sense to call in an expert. Caryn Evans, owner of the Water Closet in Fort Worth, has designed her fair share of kitchens personally and professionally, so she knows all the common mistakes homeowners make along the way. 
Below, she shares her seven best tips to help the design or remodel process go smoothly. 

Know your budget- "A person can spend $30,000 on a kitchen or $200,000," says Evans. "So, know what you can spend and budget accordingly." There are appliances available in every price range that are reliable and beautiful, so it can speed the process up if you know which brands are in your price range. Budget for appliances to be around 40% of the total cost. 

Know what you like- "Save a lot of pictures," says Evans. "And know what you don't like. Usually, when you meet with a client, they have a laundry list of things they hate about their current kitchen and that gets the process going."

Don't be afraid to be bold- "I know this seems counterintuitive to the previous tip," laughs Evans. "But don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with something like a beautiful, bold tile or accent piece." 

Know structural limitations- "Some clients want to make structural changes that they simply cannot do," explains Evans. "Like if you want a big island but there isn't space for it, or you want to move cabinets. Know what can move and what can't be moved."

Go to showrooms and stores that you trust- Stores with quality products and expert installers are not necessarily more expensive but they are certainly worth the money. "People who come to our showroom find out very quickly that we know what we are doing," says Evans. "There are great stores around Fort Worth that are invaluable in aiding clients through the design process. You often hear about a good place through word-of-mouth, ask around."

Don't waste your time- Saving pictures from sites like Pinterest and Houzz and planning what you like before meeting with a designer can save a lot of time. "I don't want to waste anyone's time looking at white cabinets when I know they hate that," says Evans. "Usually when I look at pictures, I will see style patterns forming and that saves a huge amount of time."  

Match the kitchen to the rest of the house- "The kitchen doesn't stand alone," says Evans. "Remember that your design has to flow with the rest of the house." When you don't take the house's existing style into account, the space you end up creating can seem alien.  

Don't over clutter the space- These days you can buy a million kitchen accessories if you want. While some items can legitimately make a kitchen more functional, Evans cautions people to not over accessorize the space. "There are a lot of things to store in a kitchen so don't overdo it."

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