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Easy Wardrobe Solutions for the Changing Office Environment

Men's Style Tips from Tommy Bahama

New work schedules are the new reality, so whether that means heading back to the office, sorting out a long-term working-from-home dynamic, or some hybrid of the two, the modern office — and certainly the modern dress code — may never be the same. Comfort has become a requirement for most guys, but looking clean and professional is still the end goal. How to reconcile the two? Rely on Tommy Bahama for easy, everyday wardrobe solutions.  Combining the latest in fabric innovation, performance features, sustainability and easy care, the Tommy Bahama men’s collection is designed to meet the expectations of today’s workforce. Clean and professional looks offer all the comfort men have come to expect from their coziest sweatpants, with all the performance of their golf or gym clothes. Great for work or play, Tommy Bahama moves seamlessly from Zoom call to boardroom to dinner out, without missing a beat. 

Back to the Office

For the executive who is chomping at the bit to get back in the office with their colleagues (and maybe away from the dog and kids), start with the Siesta Keys Melbourne Madras Shirt. At first glance it’s an updated classic plaid dress shirt, but look under the hood to discover a lightweight fabric with a bit of stretch and wicking capabilities for all the comfort of his favorite golf shirt. It’s also easy-care: just toss in the washer and tumble dry and it’s ready to go. A shallow shirttail hem looks just as good left out on casual days — worn with Boracay Jeans — as it does tucked in for formality. The shirt pairs nicely with Island Zone Performance Pants, and a Boracay Blazer when it’s time to take a meeting, or for cocktails at the club.

Working from Home

Just because Zoom calls only matter from the waist up doesn’t mean guys don’t want to look and feel confident head to toe. The Tommy Bahama Delray Fronds Polo is made from a soft performance fabric for comfort and style, while the tonal pattern adds interest that won’t detract from on-camera presence. Try a Bahama Coast Blooms IslandZone Camp Shirt with tiny, nearly invisible perforations in the fabric to let air in while wicking moisture away to keep you cool and dry. Wear it with a pair of Cayman Isles Island Zone Cargo Shorts made from an easy-care tech fabric. They even offer a bit of sun protection should the home office move onto the patio for the day. Those pockets come in handy for stashing phones, earbuds, pens, and other tools, too.

Hybrid Days

Spending a few hours in the office? Hopping on a flight to get reacquainted with clients? Driving home for an after-hours conference call? Sometimes we’re not sure what the day holds, and Tommy Bahama has a solution for that, too.  Start with a short sleeved Royal Bermuda Camp Shirt in a range of rich solid colors.  Its casual look maintains a dressed-up vibe in a machine washable silk blend. Worn with a pair of Island Zone Performance Pants, they’re comfortable (even in coach class) and offer ease of movement, wrinkle resistance, and moisture wicking – all in a sustainable fabric you can feel good about wearing. Grab a Tobago Bay Full-Zip Sweatshirt or a Palm Coast IslandZone Half-Zip for overly air-conditioned spaces, or to add just a touch of formality to a business lunch. 

No matter where the market is heading, Tommy Bahama offers peak performance for career style that works hard. Clean, great-looking silhouettes rendered in easy-care, wrinkle-free, wicking and stretch performance fabrics give comfort a promotion as we all head into a new working environment. Rely on Tommy Bahama for when every day is a vacation…even if it’s spent at your desk.