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Dolsot Bistro Dolsot Bibimbab with Banchan (side dishes).

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Eat Plant Based & Local

Get your healthy fix and support the local food scene with these delicious plant-forward selections.

Adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is great for your own health and the planet. We rounded up a few of the many options for plant-based eating around the Mason and Deerfield communities. Covering a wide variety of locations and styles of cuisine, you’re sure to find something delicious right near you. We promise, you won’t miss the meat!

  1. S.W. Clyborne’s Provision and Spirits: Clyborne’s chef-driven, seasonal menu offers many vegetarian options. We love the Mushroom Lentil Burger, which is made with a house-blend of roasted mushrooms and black beluga lentils. It holds up like a beef patty, and doesn't fall apart like a lot of veggie burgers do. The Vegetable Biryani entree is a hearty blend of saffron rice, charred tomatoes, red onion, asparagus, yellow pepper, sweet peas, radish, sweet pea yogurt sauce, crispy chickpeas and parsley.

  2. Frutta Bowls Mason: This plant-lovers paradise offers smoothies, bowls, toasts and more, all featuring high quality ingredients and superfoods like açaí, kale and pitaya. The classic Frutta Bowl is a filling meal all on its own, with organic açaí,  banana, granola, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi, nutella, peanut butter, honey and coconut flakes. Keep things light and refreshing with a Superfood Bowl or Detox Smoothie, or get spicy with the Savory Avocado Toast.

  3. Dolsot Bistro: Chef and owner Dolsot Bistro, Sung Oh, founded the tri-state area's first Korean restaurant, Riverside Korean in Covington and also owned downtown Cincinnati eatery, Sung Korean Bistro. A true family-run gem, Dolsot has many vegetarian dishes that can also be made vegan. The popular entree, Dolsot Bibimbab is served in a sizzling stone bowl with rice, spinach, bean sprouts, carrot, radish, zucchini and lettuce with a sunny side up egg on top and optional tofu. All entrees are served with six kinds of Banchan (side dishes).

  4. Brixx Wood Fired Pizza: North Carolina grown and locally owned, Brixx Wood Fired Pizza makes plenty of room for vegetarians at the table with the veggie lovers section of their pizza menu. Their original crust is vegan and you can also customize your pie with dairy-free cheese and gluten-free, wheat or cauliflower crust. The Fire-Roasted Vegetable and Wild Mushroom pies are especially plant-packed. Don’t forget to check out the salads and custom wine and beer pairings!

  5. Bawarchi Biryanis: Change up your takeout routine with Bawarchi Biryanis. A mixed basmati rice dish popular throughout the Indian subcontinent, biryani comes in many regional varieties. It typically includes meat, eggs and vegetables cooked with fresh herbs and spices. Bawarchi Biryanis offers an extensive selection of vegetarian biryanis in addition to Northern Indian, Southern Indian and Indo-Chinese dishes. Pair your meal with paratha, naan or roti to scoop up all the spiced goodness.

  6. El Trompo Mexican Grill Mason: Mexican cuisine tends to be vegetarian friendly, but El Trompo goes beyond beans and cheese. Their menu includes a dietary key to guide you to food that meets your needs, and they offer unique taco fillings such as nopales (cactus), grilled vegetables, Impossible (plant-based) meat and potatoes. Their vegetarian entrees include the typical burritos, fajitas and enchiladas, but also Diana’s Alambre: chopped grilled vegetables, nopales, and cheese served with tortillas, rice, beans and guacamole.

  • Clyborne's Vegetable Biryani
  • Frutta Bowls Superfood Bowl and Detox Smoothie
  • Dolsot Bistro Dolsot Bibimbab
  • Dolsot Bistro Dolsot Bibimbab with Banchan (side dishes).
  • Brixx Wood Fired Pizza-Fire Roasted Vegetable Pizza
  • Bawarchi Biryanis Platter
  • El Trompo Mexican Grill-Diana's Alambre

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