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Article by VanBrock

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Attention to detail is what sets Rachel Thompson apart.

Fairly new to the jewelry industry, but not the luxury sales world. She came from 20+ years in high end restaurant management. With a vast knowledge of wine and her newly acquired proficiency in gemstones she will certainly roll out the red carpet for you at VanBrock.

You can find a fusion of the two by following her Instagram page @jewelrywinegirl

Away from the VanBrock suite you will find her at the barn riding her horse in an equestrian sport called Dressage. “It’s a lifelong comradery I have found with my barn friends”, she says. “We share a passion that requires a lot of discipline and that extends to life” Five am alarms to beat the heat are not foreign to her. It is no surprise this discipline runs in the family, her only son Jacob is an Air Force Pilot.

“I am so incredibly proud of him. He had a goal as a young person to fly an Air Force jet and he has worked very hard to make that dream a reality.”

Rachel loves to merge her passion for food, wine, and jewelry by assisting with fun filled special events at VanBrock. From Designer Trunk Shows to “Fun Friday” Happy Hours, she will greet you at the front door with a welcoming smile and always make sure you leave the suite with one as well.


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