Spoil Yourself at Fairway Eye Center


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Fairway Eye Center

Mark Bunde, owner of Fairway Eye Center, wants his practice to feel like the Ritz Carlton of optometry. While you may not normally think of going to your routine eye doctor visit as spoiling yourself, Dr. Bunde invites you to have higher expectations for your visit.

"We offer an extremely high level of service at Fairway Eye Center. We strive to make our patients and customers feel special and pampered." —Dr. Mark Bunde

Fairway Eye Center has been recognized for its high level of service by being named the "Best Eye Clinic" in Pitch’s Best of KC contest twice.

What sets Fairway's customer service apart from others is their attention to detail and constant innovation.

"We are constantly adding the latest trends and updating our inventory to appeal to various consumer tastes. We edge all of our own lenses and have a 14 point inspection process to ensure that every prescription is finished correctly. Because we are so confident of our work, we offer a 100% guarantee on every pair of glasses that we sell."

Fairway also provides a two-year warranty for each pair of glasses and invests significantly in the latest technology in eye care so that the office has only the best equipment.

Giving Back

While focusing on providing his clients with the absolute best, Dr. Bunde also works to provide those less fortunate with the same high-quality eye care.

"When I was in undergrad, my parents moved next door to an optometrist," Dr. Bunde says. "He allowed me to shadow him for a day. He had a patient with a severe infection and literally saved that patient’s vision through his care. I was inspired by his kindness and his excellent skills. I saw firsthand how an optometrist can make a significant impact on a patient’s life and decided that I wanted to do the same."

Fairway Eye Center supports multiple organizations such as Gift of Sight and InfantSee, collects glasses for the Lion’s Club, performs volunteer school screenings and works with the homeless population through donating eye exams and glasses. Two doctors at Fairway have also served on the Board of the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired.

Vision Therapy Program

Fairway Eye Center has also developed a Vision Therapy Program designed to improve overall visual function and performance. 

"It is a progressive method of training the eyes and brain to work together," Dr. Bunde says. "VT produces measurable improvements in visual information processing skills, which results in improved performance at home and in school. Students can benefit greatly from VT improvement in reading speed and comprehension, as well as athletes in improved hand/eye coordination."

While the goal with vision therapy has been to help bring students up to average performance, the doctors at Fairway Eye Center have had incredible results with their patients and have seen them even surpass the expectations in their academic and athletic progress.

"We have wonderful employees and have created a great family culture of doing things morally and ethically; we are proud of the quality of care that we give. We are also proud of the relationships that we build with our patients. We get to know them on a personal level, and many have been with us for years and become a part of our family."

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