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Say Hello to CEO Michelle Lynne


Article by Gabrielle White | ML Interiors Group

Photography by ML Interiors Group

She’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere! 

Michelle participated in the Michigan Design Center’s third installment of their Designer Network Series where she delivered a lively and instructive presentation for designers, focused on cultivating a winning mindset to confidently charge their worth during their own business prospects.

This is one of many events where she has made an appearance, making connections and spreading awareness about the value of self-belief and determination - and how continued practice in attributing a cost comparable to your efforts and time will ultimately get you on top. 

Check out her full presentation here.

Michelle is the president of the design firm ML Interiors Group, based out of Studio Works - a trendy co-working space in Addison TX. She is also a business coach and founder of Designed for the Creative Mind, a place for interior designers to learn how to establish processes that build client relationships and “bake in” their profit.

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Speaking of baking….

Michelle is leading her quarterly Rolling in the Dough Workshop on October 16th - a FREE 5 day digital workshop for interior designers, where participants will learn how to qualify, quote, and close high-end clients so that their projects have the profits established from the start. Check out the web page to save your seat!

Feeling inspired, but still need a little more information? No problem! For all inquiries regarding Studio Works, you can reach us at (972) 782-4302. For all other questions, please contact us at (972) 248-4733.

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