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Zac Mathias (Photo: Julia D'Agostino)

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Eco-Friendly But Make it Classic Chic

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I am so excited to share some of my favorite eco picks with you! A little pro tip for shopping green: do your research and learn how the company considers itself eco-friendly. Do their values align with yours? How are they sourcing materials, how are they manufacturing, are they using plastic in the packaging? Clothing lines, especially, are starting to create eco-friendly fabrics and working those practices into the entire company.

Brochu Walker

 They pride themselves on sustainably harvesting their cashmere, have eliminated all plastic in packaging, AND they recently opened a store in Westport. They donate their samples for "secondhand" use and give to eco-friendly charities. Plus, the quality is excellent and the silhouettes are chic (think: vegan leather pants, plunge V-necks sweaters, and modern boho blouses.)

Gotham Greens

 My Dad's a caterer and knows everything about creating beautiful, delicious, healthy meals. This is the lettuce brand we always have in the house; they work with local farmers for the freshest lettuce. Grown with hydroponic greenhouse technology, they can be grown year-round using less land, less water, less energy, thereby reducing pollution and waste. We love the butter lettuce and pesto, both sold at Whole Foods.


Many of us get a new phone every year or two, and because Apple changes the phone shape slightly each time (eye roll) that creates a lot of phone case waste. I love the Pela brand because they make tech accessories for almost all your Apple products that are compostable! So your phone case doesn’t become landfill.


I’ve always had an affinity for a classic horizontal stripe tee and nobody does them like Kule. Their new green line made from organic cotton, sustainable washing, and biodegradable packaging, proves it’s #KuleToBeGreen. Now they’re applying what they’ve learned to rest of their business: how to develop collections, how to ship, even how to make their labels. They have core styles for women, men, and kids.

Dudley Stephens: Founded in Greenwich by two sisters and their mom, they create chic eco-friendly fleece from water bottles and other recycled fabrics, plus they help support St. Jude’s Hospital (which isn’t necessarily green, but nice nonetheless.) Now they have a cult-like following and if you've ever put one on you’d understand why. I love the Greenport style fleece; it’s great to throw on with leggings when you’re headed to the gym, pair with jeans for lunch around town, or dress up for evening outings.

  • Zac Mathias (Photo: Julia D'Agostino)