Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaning


Do you have a self-cleaning oven?  If yes, after using it is your oven window dirty? Here is a tutorial on how to clean your oven window on the inside without the harsh chemicals.  Safer for you, and our environment!

Disclaimer - I have tested this method many times with great success.  If your oven is really dirty, it may take more than one time to get it clean.  

What You'll need:

  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Squirt Bottle
  • Old wash cloths & towel
  • Optional – painters tape

The Instructions:

  1. I recommend laying an old towel on the floor under your oven door for anything that spills over.  This will help with the mixture mess and any crumbs or food particles while cleaning.  It helps with floor clean up, and protects your floors.

  2. If you have vents on your oven door, cover them with painters tape so nothing will get inside the door.  Many people complain about food and items between the oven windows.  Covering this vent while cleaning will stop more from getting in there.  There are many tutorials out there for cleaning between your widows, be cautious as many warranties are voided if you open your oven door to clean between them.

  3. Sprinkle baking soda onto the oven window.  You don’t need a ton, just make sure there’s enough to help scrub the window.  You can always add more as well. 

  4. Put water in a squirt bottle, and spray the baking soda with it.  You want the baking soda to get damp but not drenched. You are making a paste.  

  5. Get an old wash cloth wet and squeeze out the excess water.  You could also use a scratch resistant scrub pad.  You want to avoid making scratches on your window.

  6. Start lightly scrubbing the paste with the damp washcloth. Gentle scrubbing is fine, better for your window to resist scratching, and it doesn’t have to be hard scrubbing.  It shouldn’t take a lot of effort which is nice.

  7. Keep working around the glass, and I like to do small circular patterns.  If you see a black spot, put a little paste on it and let it set for a few minutes allowing the mixture to loosen the food particles.  Next scrub at it a bit, and it shouldn’t take a ton of effort.  If it’s not coming up easily, simply put more paste on it and let it sit a bit longer.  I like to scrub the black metal around the window to clean that up as well.

  8. Now it’s time to clean up your mess. Use a small broom and dust pan, or you could wipe it up with a damp rag.  This is to remove the worst of it all.  You’ll be thankful right now you placed the towel under the door on the floor.

  9. Wipe up the extra mess of baking soda. I did this a couple times.

  10. When I thought I had most of the baking soda paste cleaned up, I got a fresh washcloth wet with clean water, squeezed it out, and wiped it one more time.

*After your first cleaning you might see a white film show up on the door and or window.  This is just residual baking soda that didn’t get removed.  Simply wait for your oven to cool, and wipe up with a clean damp cloth.

I am very pleased with how easy this was and how clean my window got with very little effort and no harmful chemicals.

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