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Eco-friendly Style

High-quality, Sustainable Furniture is Good for Home and Planet

Fifteen years ago, Diane Gercke spent a year researching mattresses for her toddler daughter’s first bed.

“I was surprised that all of the conventional options were filled with petroleum, solvents and fire-retardant chemicals,” she says.

Realizing a need for an area alternative for customers seeking toxin-free mattresses, she opened Eagles’ Rest Natural Mattresses and Furniture in January 2010 with three floor models of Savvy Rest natural latex mattresses. The store now carries three brands of mattresses, all made with natural latex foam, cotton and wool, with 20-year warranties. Mattresses can be customized in up to 50 ways and made differently on each side.

“Sleep is so important to our well-being, and a mattress is the most important piece of furniture you can buy,” Gercke says. “The right mattress can alleviate aches and pains and facilitate that necessary recovery work sleep provides us. Our mattresses feel fabulous, beyond anything most people have ever slept on. Sometimes people come in for a pillow and leave with a mattress because the difference is remarkable.”

Over time Gercke’s added American-made furniture lines offered by other manufacturers, along with lamps, linens, pillows, rugs, and accessories, to satisfy customers’ appetite for attractive, sustainable products. One exception is a Norwegian line of customizable couches and chairs designed for neck and back support and overall body alignment.

Customers who discover Eagles’ Rest browse and buy mattresses, hardwood desks, bedroom suites, dining room sets and custom couches and chairs, all crafted with eco-friendly elements. In addition to ecological considerations, durability, craftsmanship and comfort are hallmarks of Gercke’s purchasing process and prowess, making the store a regional draw.

“I wanted to sell high-quality furniture that would look good and feel great, manufactured as close to Lawrence as possible to minimize the global carbon footprint overall,” Gercke says. “It’s healthier for customers and the environment to fill a home with beautiful products that don’t have a ton of unnecessary chemicals and are not disposable ‘fast furniture’ that ends up in our landfills.”

Gercke adds, “It’s been gratifying the past 14 years to see our friends and customers out in the community and hear how much they appreciate their purchases.”

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