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ecomaids of Waxhaw-Matthews-Monroe

Protecting Your Family and the Planet

Dan Williams is the founder and owner of ecomaids of Waxhaw - Matthews - Monroe. I spoke with Dan about what sets his company and its eco-friendly, allergen-free, non-toxic cleaning services apart from his competitors.

The ecomaids Difference

The ecomaids difference is demonstrated in the company’s approach to cleaning, which always places the health of your family, pets and the planet first and foremost.

Dan emphasizes ecomaids’ strong commitment to giving customers the clean they want every time: “Our level of service, detailed in our 64-point cleaning checklist, provides a consistent, high-quality clean our clients can depend on.”

To accomplish this goal, all ecomaids technicians are fully vetted and properly trained in the use of science-based cleaning techniques and products guaranteed to always give you the deep, quality clean synonymous with the ecomaids name.

Green Seal and EPA Safer Choice Cleaning Products

While some cleaning services claim to use safe, green products, a close inspection often reveals that only some of the materials they use actually meet those standards.Clients can be confident ecomaids uses only cleaners that are Green Seal and EPA Safer Choice certified.

Dan explains, “We use hydrogen peroxide and a range of carefully selected natural, plant-derived products without harmful chemicals such as ammonia, petroleum and bleach. Our motto is to work smarter, not harder.”

Ecomaids also uses a color-coded cleaning system to give your home or business a complete top-down clean that removes dust, grime and other irritants from your environment. With ecomaids, your home or office is thoroughly disinfected, with no risk of cross-contamination, or exposure to the harmful pollutants in chemical cleaners and their negative effects.

Personalized Services Designed to Meet Your Every Cleaning Need

Ecomaids prides itself on offering its customers a wide range of personalized services. As Dan notes, “Everything about our service can be customized to meet your individual needs.” Whether you desire an initial or Deep Clean Service for your entire home or office or choose to focus on one particular space, ecomaids will provide the thorough clean you need.

The ecomaids Deep Clean Service offers a comprehensive clean that includes the interiors of cabinets, windows, doors, furniture and appliances—areas that can be overlooked in daily cleaning.

Disinfectant Fogging

Disinfectant fogging is a quick, convenient and effective way to ensure every surface of your home or business is germ and virus free from dangerous pathogens including COVID-19. This service includes the use of a hospital-grade, natural, nontoxic tablet that generates a cloud of microscopic disinfectant droplets that dramatically reduce the number of pathogens on surfaces and in the air. This extra layer of disinfectant protection is quick, only requiring one minute of wet time.

Visit or call 800.326.6243 today to receive a free quote, serving Waxhaw, Matthews, Monroe and the surrounding communities including Ballantyne, Weddington, Marvin and Indian Trail.

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