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3 Must-Have Staples for Your Wardrobe!


Article by Polly Cocilobo

Photography by Pinterest

Aloha! There are three must-have pieces that your wardrobe needs. Whether you live in LA, rainy Washington state, the Midwest or NYC, these three must-haves are going to be the clothing you will wear all year long during all seasons!

1. A Trench Coat

Let's start with the first one: a trench coat, in black, kaki or beige this is a number one piece you will wear from winter to summer. It is the perfect add on for a casual to a professional look. Going to the grocery store, going to work or simply going out with your girls, this is a must-have piece that goes with absolutely everything and can transform your whole look (even when you are wearing joggers) into a super Chic outfit. Here are some looks below!

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2. Ankle Length Jeans

As you can see in those photos, there is also the second piece you must add to your wardrobe and I am sure you probably already have it... ankle length jeans! They come in two different styles, a skinny ankle jean or a wider (oxford) style. Again, another piece that you can wear even during winter, showing off a super cute pair of socks or pairing with the perfect ankle or high knee boots! One of my favorites looks is to wear them with the perfect pair of slides or flats — which takes us to the third must-have piece. ;)

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  • bd4bc0f4-8385-4991-b2a8-6dc5b475984f-2
  • bd4bc0f4-8385-4991-b2a8-6dc5b475984f-3

3. Leather Slides

Lastly, the third must-have piece is a pair of leather slides. Not only are they are the most comfortable pair of shoes you will own, you can wear them all day long, while you are heading to the airport, at a casual day at the office or even with a cute dress when going out for cocktails! This is a piece that I adore because once again they make any outfit look super chic and are even better when paired with a trench coat. All those three pieces together will make you look ready for the day. They go together and match with any color, pattern and outfit.

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  • c013301b-8c30-4c29-90ca-bf53b539aac6-3

As you can see these are very versatile pieces and you will be amazed by the quantity of outfits you can put together and look ready to take the world! :) Here are more ideas, have fun :)

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  • 4102ee9f-01b8-486b-aa1d-e3a93ffb63a4-2
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