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Interior Design Trends With Sarah (Grace) Heffernan, Merchandising & Marketing Manager at Southern Sky Home

Sarah (Grace) Heffernan's expertise in identifying interior design trends is one for the books. Owing to her mix of creative intuition and confidence in her keen eye for trends, we decided to ask about the latest styles we will see this fall and in 2024. 

1.) WARM NEUTRALS - With this palette, there is an emphasis on warmer wood tones. Accent hues such as beige and brown bring warmth to a room and give a sense of comfort. 

2.) BRINGING THE OUTDOORS IN - Inspired by the concept of Biophilia -our human desire to be close to nature. The use of natural materials such as greenery, natural light and muted color palettes, along with textures such as natural wood grain, stone, rattan and organic shapes. The biophilic interior design creates a calming space with a visual connection to nature, improving well-being, health and productivity.

3.) ARTFUL LIGHTING - Statement, ambient, large-scale lighting is functional but also acts as a piece of art and focal point in your home. Putting layered lighting such as sconces, pendants and chandeliers into play accentuates any room. 

4.) MOODY YET EARTHY PAINT COLORS - Rich browns and bold green earthy tones lend themselves beautifully to office spaces or bedrooms. The combination of moody tones alongside earthy hues sets a mood and creates a certain elegance. 

5.) ARCHITECTURAL DETAIL - This adds texture, depth and interest to walls. Vertical shiplap and custom traditional millwork give a home character and charm to provide statement details. When natural light rests on these elements, it brings a sophisticated appeal. 

6.) QUIET LUXURY - The idea of quiet luxury is an elevated, refined look that steers clear from glam, shiny or glitzy spaces. Rather rooms filled with curated accents, plush seating, soft rugs, layered lighting, pillows and throws elevate the room.