Thanksgiving Traditions

The Importance of Togetherness

The practice of traditions is essential to our sense of belonging. Rituals 
are a way to express what is necessary to our hearts and connect us to our past and present loved ones. Holiday traditions, no matter how big or small, are like a tapestry woven together that binds us with our family history. David Westrick shares his favorite Thanksgiving traditions and the importance of togetherness. 

My family's most precious tradition is simply getting together. In my Mom and Dad's opinion, family meant everyone! Togetherness is a huge tradition because my immediate family lives in Georgia, and the rest of our family lives in Indiana and Kentucky. So our ritual includes traveling every other year to the other's homes. My Mom and Dad passed away eighteen years ago, and I am so proud that my sister and I have kept the tradition going.  

Every year, the traveling family arrives on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Once everyone has arrived, we feast on Chili (Yankee style with noodles), sandwiches and of course, it is not a Friday night dinner without the cream cheese and chipped beef ball with crackers. When everyone has finished their plates, the ladies get together and make my Granny's world-famous fruit salad. 

Saturday is for hanging out, cooking, eating, fellowshipping and loving on each other. Many stories are told, and we always finish with a game or two of Left, Right, Center with the whole family. Remember one thing, family (blood-related or chosen) is the reason for the Thanksgiving season. 

Send us a note and share your favorite holiday traditions!

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