Stop Sweating so Hard to Lose Weight


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Article by Emily Mobley

Photography by Amanda Donaho

Are you someone who thinks the amount you sweat during a workout directly correlates to the effectiveness of that workout? 

I hate to break it to ya, but that just isn’t true.

Look, I get it. 

It feels GOOD to sweat. You feel like you’ve really accomplished something after a workout that leaves you feeling drenched. 

But that could be the VERY THING holding you back from reaching your body composition goals. 

*Mind blown*

No, but seriously. Do you ever feel like your body is just completely depleted after a boot camp class, crossfit, long run, etc? 

You have zero energy for the rest of the day. 

Your cravings are off the charts. 

You can barely move because you’re so sore. 

And you probably tore something doing 18 burpees in a row for absolutely no reason. 


My guess is you need to learn HOW to workout, fuel and recover BETTER so your exercise isn’t as stressful.

There were so many days I felt I needed to take a nap after a workout because I went 100mph at it with a 12 on the treadmill taking my heart rate to red and sweating my butt off. 

^^ I was just making myself MORE exhausted and seeing no progress...

It wasn't until I stopped doing this that I actually saw true results because I was able to build muscle and TRULY transform my body composition vs breaking down muscle + putting myself on a cortisol high.

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