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Effortless Accents

A Queen of Crown Moldings and Carpentry

Article by Cassandra Green

Photography by Harmony Home Renovations

Originally published in Parker City Lifestyle

Erica Keene, owner of Harmony Home Renovations is a boss lady in an industry where men tend to take the lead. Her niche? Finishing carpentry, wallpaper and painting. “I’m more focused on those carpentry details, crown molding, baseboards, wainscoting, all the things that give a home personality,” she says. She sees blank walls as a canvas to make a statement. Whether subtle or bold Erica knows how to add accent, depth and character to the walls in your home in a seamless and effortless way.

Erica carries a confidence that can only come from hard work. She started out doing a lot of landscaping and handyman work. She found that women at home with their kids felt more secure asking her for help rather than bringing in a random contractor. 

“I have always loved building and designing.” She goes on, “I love building because I see things in my head and I can’t find them anywhere. So, I’m like, fine, I’ll just build it.” Her kinetic instinct to build it herself is what makes her such a skilled contractor. When it comes to wallpaper, she prefers traditional.

“I love that wallpaper is coming back… traditional wallpaper where you gotta get some glue and get a roller, and it better be perfect the first time you put it on. Otherwise, you’re gonna be in trouble.” Renovating homes is a form of artwork in Erica’s perspective. She gets to know her clients so she can bring their home to life in a way that expresses who they are.

"Erica has been my lifesaver. She has helped me with handy lady needs, as well as finishing carpentry, such as my gorgeous shiplap wall. She truly can do anything and is incredibly talented." a customer raves. 

Whether you’re more of a tidal wave blue, mysterious iron oar black, or vibrant bright green, Erica takes time to create accent walls that make a statement and add subtle dimension to even make a room feel bigger. To inquire about your own projects, reach Erica by phone (845) 837-9121 or email 

"Erica has been my lifesaver. ... She truly can do anything and is incredibly talented!"