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Eight Areas of Your Life Changed by Modern Hair Restoration

The positive feeling that people have about their appearance can be directly traced back to the look of their hair. People that are satisfied with the appearance of their hair tend to have more self-confidence and are happier in their interactions with the general public. Active hair loss can have a negative impact on the self-image of a person. In turn, this can lead those suffering from hair loss to wear different hairstyles in an effort to hide the visible hair loss on the scalp. Patients suffering from hair loss have multiple hair restoration options available to them from the experienced hair restoration specialists at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. A hair transplant can change their appearance as well as their overall self-image.

Eight Ways Modern Hair Restoration Changes the Life of a Patient

Back in 2008, Drs. Parsa Mohebi and William Rassman conducted a study (Psychology of Hair Transplants, Hair Transplant Forum International, March/April 2008, Vol. 18, Number 2, Pages 41 and 47) to quantify the psychological impact of hair loss in 200 men that suffered from typical male-patterned baldness. The men in the survey had their first hair transplant anywhere from 1-3 years before the study. 

The study examined eight aspects of life that had been changed by having a hair transplant. These aspects included:

  1. Level of happiness

  2. Energy level

  3. Youthful feeling

  4. Feelings of anxiety

  5. Self-confidence

  6. Feeling about the future

  7. Impact of the procedure on their career

  8. Impact of the procedure on their sex life

The study results showed an improvement in each of the aspects listed above.

Modern Hair Restoration Techniques

Hair restoration techniques have evolved to provide realistic, natural looking results that are virtually undetectable by others. In general, hair grafts are removed from the donor area of the patient (usually the back or sides of the head) and transplanted to the balding areas of the scalp. The transplanted hair grows naturally to provide greater density and fullness to the previously balding area on the scalp. 

Popular modern hair restoration techniques include:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – Hair grafts are individually removed by the surgeon without creating a scar on the scalp. 

  • Celebrity Hair Transplant – A limited FUE transplant technique that offers minimal downtime, little to no detectability and no shaving of the donor or recipient area.

  • Beard to Scalp – A good option for patients with limited or poor quality donor hair. Thicker beard hair provides more volume to the transplanted hair.

  • Power Hairline – A hair transplant technique that restores density and strength to a weakened hairline, through a small number of grafts, even for patients with a full head of hair.

The life-changing and long-lasting results of modern hair restoration improve the confidence and self-image of a patient. Interested in learning more about the results of modern hair restoration available at the Beverly Hills, Encino, and San Francisco Parsa Mohebi hair restoration centers?

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