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Electric Ride

Introducing the Porsche Taycan

“Everyone wants to know how the Porsche Taycan [Porsche’s new electric car] compares to Tesla.” explains Mauricio Sanchez, General Manager, Porsche of Fairfield. “I tell them, ‘You have to drive it to feel the difference.’”

Although electric cars aren’t new to Porsche - Ferdinand Porsche created his first electric vehicle in 1898 - the Taycan is the next step in its illustrious history. The high quality performance of Porsche Taycan ensures you can “push it to the limit and it’ll take anything you throw at it,” according to Leonel Rodriguez, Global Brand Ambassador for Porsche.

But its speed and performance isn’t only on the highway: the Taycan re-charges to full capacity in only one hour - three time faster than its most recent competitor.

Taycan means “lively young horse” and its power on the road proves it.

For more information, contact Leonel at (203) 337-9238.

The Specs

Model: Porsche Taycan



195.4 in


84.5 in


54.4 in

Range of Battery: 

250 miles (400 km)


155 mph