Elegant Expansion with HammerSmith Carriage Houses

Functional features meet playful possibilities for a space that will grow with you.

HammerSmith dedicates itself to enhancing every client’s lifestyle through residential design and renovation services. They design with the long-term in mind, ensuring space is maximized and made to live in for many years to come. 

Carriage houses offer an enhanced ability to entertain outdoors, host out-of-town guests, and earn rental income. With 900 square feet of customizable living space, this destination can grow with you amidst different stages of life: thriving as a retreat for your kids and grandkids, a home office/studio, or even a pool house. Adding a carriage house to your property is also the perfect way to reclaim unusable attic space above a garage while creating a new backdrop by shielding your neighbors.

There are endless possibilities as the chance to explore heightened creative design is ripe. Just look at HammerSmith’s stunning powder rooms, which founder and CEO Warner McConaughey calls “jewel boxes,” to see how special a small space can become. Carriage houses present an excellent opportunity to diverge from the rest of your home’s decor; if you have a primarily neutral palette in the main house, they are an ideal place to play with pops of color or a mixture of styles. You can match the historical design of the rest of your house or create a stylish statement facade!

Broaden your decor aesthetic and make your home feel new again with a carriage house expansion. 

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