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Element 79

Where Lifetime Curation Begins

Article by Karysma Hicks

Photography by Poppy & Co. at Marla Rutherford Studio

Originally published in Cherry Creek Lifestyle

Cherry Creek North’s very own contemporary jewelry store, Element 79, is the epitome of an assemblage comprised of fine, modern pieces that accentuate not only a person’s wardrobe but act as the ode to one’s life story. 

Founder and Owner of Element 79, Carol Ferguson’s magnum opus is a curation of eccentric and gaiety jewelry pieces. With her 20-year background as a bench jeweler and custom jewelry designer, she established Element 79 with the goal of creating a unique atmosphere where lovers of jewelry can shop for collectible, contemporary pieces—from skull-shaped rings to vibrant colored pendants inspired by the rainbow to beaded bracelets with fun text, down to a modified and more modern version of classic designs. Representing an ever-expanding roster of jewelers and artisans in her store, Ferguson is selective as to which collections to bring to her clientele. 

Element 79 is a fun, relaxed environment where customers can discover personal, hand-fabricated, imaginative jewelry with no intimidation and no pressure. Customers can learn about the designers and the unique aesthetic each brings to the art of personal adornment. “Handmade jewelry is special because it allows the wearer to feel the connection to the maker. It’s jewelry with soul,” Carol says.  Having tapped into the realization that jewelry designers each have their own personalities and that those personalities tend to be well-communicated through each of their designs, she believes that the communication aspect truly resonates with Element 79’s shoppers. 

With this mission in mind, the Element 79 team is a resource for those looking to add to their life story—whether that story be old or new. In addition, Element 79 is expanding their market and catering to new audiences by introducing a bridal salon. Prominent for taking notice of industry changes, Ferguson and her team are pacing with the covets that are being shopped for. “We’re excited to bring the most current and original designers on the fine contemporary jewelry scene to Denver.

"We try to bring in jewelry that is personal,” Carol says. “Something that people can really connect with. Your jewelry collection is your personal art collection that you curate over a lifetime.” 

According to Ferguson: as long as your personal jewelry collection holds intrinsic value, you will become emotionally tied to your pieces; and when you become emotionally tied, the better the chance that the lifespan your jewelry sees will be long lasting. 

“We want to be a shop that is a treasure hunt for meaningful jewelry,” Carol says. While many of their pieces are colorful and come in an array of shapes and sizes, each piece offers an aesthetic that is timeless and evident of one’s own personal narrative. 

In addition to providing the Denver area an option for jewelry with soul, Element 79 aligns their environment with their self-proclaimed aesthetic. Element 79 is more than a jewelry store. It is a haven for expressing yourself. It is your excuse to be the narrator of your own life. It's where your lifetime of curating an artistic collection begins.