Elements Hot Tub Spa

A Sanctuary for Body, Mind & Spirit

It's February, the last whole month of winter. Amherst has an exceptional spa where you can take someone you love for a quiet evening of connection with tea or cocoa, a fireplace, luxurious massage, soft robes, and a hot tub under a clear starry night or even a gentle snowfall. It’s also a place individuals come for wellness and healing. Their therapists are top-notch, and they only hire the best in the industry. Elements Hot Tub Spa is where you can let winter melt off of you most appealingly. 

When you first walk in, you notice the southwestern Sedona decor and friendly staff, which is wonderfully warming. Sue and Todd, the owners, purchased Elements in August 2019. They fell in love with the spa and have committed to maintaining the original vision built by the previous owners. It is loved by residents of Hampshire County, as well as the guests who happily travel 1-2 hours to visit this 15-year Amherst staple. Soft music trickles into your ears. You have arrived, and now is your time to share together or enjoy blissfully alone.

The spa consists of private hot tub rooms, massage rooms, and an esthetics room. 

Each hot tub room has a theme that connects to the overall name of the spa; Elements of nature: Water, Fire, Spirit, Earth & Air. Guests rent the tub rooms in increments of 30 or 60 minutes and each tub room is entirely private. Regular hot tub usage benefits are: Easing stress, relieving sore muscles and symptoms of chronic pain, and improving sleep. 

Sue explained, “The combination of the hot tub, sauna, or steam before the massage is the perfect recipe to warm up your muscles so they are ready for a more comfortable treatment with longer-lasting effects.”

The "Water Room" has an aromatherapy steam shower and a hot tub. The "Fire Room" has a hot tub and infrared sauna, which, as Todd explained, offers benefits of detoxification, cardiovascular & fitness benefits, decreased pain & inflammation, and cognitive & mental health benefits. The “Spirit” room has an infrared sauna. The "Earth" and "Air" rooms have outdoor hot tubs for those nights when you want to see the stars, feel the fresh air, and let the falling snowflakes melt on your shoulders in your little hideaway. 

"We thoroughly clean each tub and filters every night. We use chlorine to sanitize the tubs, and our staff tests the water for the perfect chemical balance between every tub use. Each tub room has a shower, and we require every guest to take a cleansing shower before they enter the tubs.”    

Elements Hot Tub Spa is family business, independently-owned and operated, with a single location in Amherst, and is not affiliated with Elements Massage. Todd said, “We distinguish ourselves from the franchise businesses with our experienced licensed massage therapists who are independent contractors. We strive to hire the best and let them build their own business within a business.” They provide a wealth of massage services such as relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage, CBD, prenatal, Ayurvedic body treatments, cupping & craniosacral therapy. 

They also have an esthetician who offers facials and waxing with organic skincare products guests can feel good about putting on their skin. Every facial comes with a skin analysis and is personalized for their skin needs and what best suits their goals. Product recommendation and education is included. The benefits of regular facials include skin exfoliation, improved blood flow, skin tightening, absorption, acne treatment, and anti-aging benefits. Soon they will be offering lash extensions and more exciting services to follow. 

And to reward their regular customers, Elements Hot Tub Spa offers packages of buy 5 of one service and get the 6th one free. So give yourself permission to be nurtured, or purchase a gift certificate for a special someone who deserves to be pampered. Appointments can be booked online at Elementshottubspa.com or taken by phone at (413) 256-8827.

“The combination of the hot tub, sauna, or steam before the massage is the perfect recipe to warm up your muscles so they are ready for a more comfortable treatment with longer-lasting effects.” Sue Thibodeau

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